How Nigeria’s anti-gay law will turn straight people gay (funny vid)

Nigerian-British comedian Ikenna Azuike does a cute video about how Nigeria’s draconian new anti-gay law is going to end up turning all the straight people gay.


A number of African countries, like Putin’s Russia, have decided to scapegoat gays for their failing institutions and leaders.

“So you see, if this jail the gays law stays in force, the economy will collapse. Everyhone who calls in sick for pretending to be gay will be arrested for wanting to be gay. Jails will be full of people who claim to be gay, making jail a ‘gay institution.’ Therefore jails will be illegal, and the only solution will be to let the gay people out, and lock up all the straight people, so jail can be legal again.”

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3 Responses to “How Nigeria’s anti-gay law will turn straight people gay (funny vid)”

  1. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    He’s a bit more than cute. He’s hot.

  2. Yes, that point was hardly lost on me :)

  3. heimaey says:

    he’s cute

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