Putin wants to “cleanse” Russia of gays, may have just admitted he’s bi

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who apparently hasn’t gotten a briefing on the state of American jurisprudence in over ten years, announced yesterday that Russia needs to “cleanse” itself of gays if the country is ever going to be successful in having more babies.

You see, in Russia, a straight guy will drop his wife in a nanosecond for a chance at getting some of that hot man-on-man action.

To add to the oddness of the interviews, Putin’s reiterated his incorrect assertion that gay sex is illegal in many American states.  In fact, such laws were overturned in 2003 by the Supreme Court’s “Lawrence v. Texas” decision.

Putin promises beeg trouble for gay moose and squirrel.

Putin is planning beeg trouble for gay moose and squirrel.

Not only is Putin’s latest gay bimbo eruption an indication of just how backwards a country Russia is, and is becoming, but it’s also a terrible sign of just how uninformed the former domestic-kgb head is about America.  Putin made the “gay sex is illegal in some American states” claim a few days ago as well, and still hasn’t figured out, or no one has the nerve to tell him, that he’s simply wrong.

And while I’m pretty amazed that Putin is now dropping Hitler analogies, talking about needing to “clean up” the gay menace, and that Putin still believes that old canard about gay people being more likely to molest children (they’re not), I’m equally fascinated that the Russian leader basically just admitted that he’s bisexual.

Do these sunglasses make me look gay? ID1974 / Shutterstock.com

Do these sunglasses make me look gay? ID1974 / Shutterstock.com

In his interviews yesterday, quoted by Al Jazeera, Putin reiterated his concern that Russia must get rid of the-gay, lest the country’s birthrate not rebound sufficiently.  Which is to suggest that somehow gay people will steal otherwise heterosexual Russians away from their opposite-sex spouses.  And the only people who think that straight men would gladly leave their wives for a gay guy are men who would gladly leave their wives for a gay guy.  They’re called bisexuals (or closeted homosexuals).

Welcome to the club, Vlad!

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42 Responses to “Putin wants to “cleanse” Russia of gays, may have just admitted he’s bi”

  1. BrooklynLass says:

    Am I to surmise from Putin that children have to be saved from homosexuals? If the answer is “yes”, I must surmise that children shouldn’t mind being sexually abused by heterosexuals.
    I haven’t checked the statistics as yet, but a wild guess which probably wouldn’t be far off is that sexual abuse of children is primarily perpetrated by heterosexuals. I don’t know the statistical ratio (which I will check} but my guess is that there is going to be a large disparity with the vast majority of sexual abuse on children committed by heterosexuals, not homosexuals!

  2. Gavrilushka says:

    As a gay guy born and raised for 8 years in Russia and now married to a man at age 20 in Australia, I feel annoyance at the mass manipulation that both the media and the politicians do with homosexuality in Russia. Firstly, a lot of people support gay rights in Russia, the problem is if you tell people you do, like in Soviet Russia, you may just get killed or blackmailed for ‘going against the state’. In the 90s many musicians brought up gay rights, now they don’t. Secondly, Putin’s argument of falling birth rates angers me. I lived in Moscow and there is homelessness EVERYWHERE. As a country, Russia is UNFIT to provide for already existing children, there are so many orphans and so many homeless children who prostitute to survive. Why on earth would you want MORE?! He can’t even take care of the ones that are here! If the oligarchs stopped being so greedy and fair wages were established you wouldn’t have generations of homeless children and people, you wouldn’t have people unable to afford having children, nor would you have rural hospitals unfit for providing adequate birthing resources.

  3. Ninong says:

    Vladimir Putin has been using the Russian Orthodox Church for the past 20 years. It’s all part of his shtick. He wants to portray himself as a “family values” Christian, just like many in the Republican Party try to use the right-wing Christians for political purposes. Putin was buddies with Patriarch Alexei II and is now buddies with his successor, Patriarch Kirill I. Putin is using the Russian Orthodox Church to build up his support.

    Kirill I said that gay marriage will destroy civilization as we know it. Then he added that gay people should be treated with respect. If you read what he has said it’s not all that different from what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has said.

    Do you remember what George W. Bush said about his first visit with Putin? He said he gazed into his eyes and saw his soul. He also saw that little gold cross suspended on a gold chain around Putin’s neck. It’s all part of Putin’s performance.

    Just do a google image search on Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Alexei II as well as Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill I.

  4. Ninong says:

    What do you call a Russian homophobic neo-Nazi cult leader who just enjoys a little time off every now and then?
    Maxim “Tesak” Martsinkevich and one of his bear buddies.

  5. DesertSun59 says:

    Russia isn’t being led, on this issue, by Putin. Russia has been led, since the beginning, by the Russian Orthodox Church. It is THEY who proposed this legislation and it is THEY who fronted all the support for it. Putin is just a typical Republican-like politician who isn’t familiar with reality.

  6. slappymagoo says:

    Just pay it forward. Someone you know doesn’t understand why people giggle when Santorum’s name is mentioned. You know what needs to be done.

  7. JayRandal says:

    Putin is a self-loathing moron of the worst kind. He struts around having pics taken of his shirt off which only impresses other closeted Russian guys. He is ignorant on all levels including bisexuality.
    His bad leadership of Russia has brought worldwide scorn upon his country. He allows thugs to beat and torture Gays in Russia while oligarchic shysters pilfer treasury. He is an utter fool nothing more.

  8. StraightGrandmother says:

    Ohhhhhh okay.
    Thank you for the sexplination.
    I get it now.

  9. Jim Olson says:

    Its the ick factor. Two men having sex is vile. Two women having sex is worth the $19.95 a month for the porn subscription.

  10. Tor says:

    Oh yes. The comments of the haters often say more about themselves than they say about us.

  11. Badgerite says:

    Yes, but even journalists in America know about Lawrence vs Texas. Putin, being the leader of a powerful country, could be presumed to have some people of expertise informing his statements. How does he get that wrong. Or is it an impression the far right in America has given to him and maybe the world? I, ,myself, don’t know. I’m just wondering, like John, why he got and continues to get that wrong.

  12. slappymagoo says:

    It’s a little snarky, but the gist is: If a supposed straight man thinks that a straight man can be “turned” gay by a hot seductive gay man, than that means that supposed straight man has probably had some feelings for a hot seductive gay man he’d prefer not to admit, even to himself.

  13. StraightGrandmother says:

    Huh? I do not get this part of the article-
    And the only people who think that straight men would gladly leave their wives for a gay guy are men who would gladly leave their wives for a gay guy. They’re called bisexuals (or closeted homosexuals).

    This just doesn’t make sense to me, I can’t figure out this reasoning.

  14. liberalenigma says:

    Stop watching Fox Vlad

  15. liberalenigma says:

    So to fix Russia they need a tax cut ? Send them the GOP then

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sadly that’s exactly what he thinks. From the beginning, gay people have been the scapegoat of the population decline in Russia. Again, just a distraction from the fact that Putin doesn’t mind all the people dying in poor conditions. His palaces are all he cares about.

  17. Whitewitch says:

    That is because there is absolutely NOTHING in the bible about lesbianism and they don’t want to draw attention to that fact….although the real reason is that most men of that time didn’t even see women as people, so there need to talk about it…and you know us wimmen folk are full of sin anyway….so we are pretty much hopelessly lost.

  18. Whitewitch says:

    Here here !!!! So very true…it is always and continuing to be amazed as the fear many men (or hatred) have of women’s and that it is only the Bible that is keeping them even interacting with us…cause you know God will get pissy if they don’t do for procreation’s sake.

    On a happy note a Nun in Italy just gave birth to a baby she is naming after the Popel http://newsfeed.time.com/2014/01/19/italian-nun-gives-birth-says-she-had-no-idea-she-was-pregnant/ – So at least someone is not afraid of women.

  19. karmanot says:

    Boris and Natasha thinkink Moose and Squirrel make for the no babies in Mother Russia.

  20. karmanot says:

    “they’re doomed” Don’t tell Johnny Weird.

  21. BeccaM says:

    Personally, I doubt it. Let’s remember that Russia’s anti-gay pogrom is publicly motivated by lies, falsehoods, and the phony ‘science’ of Regnerus and Marks.

    As far as the bigots are concerned — both here in America and in Russia — “gay” = “pedophile by choice.” They don’t care that it isn’t true. And if someone is going to believe something so patently false, they’ll believe anything, as long as it’s pejorative in some fashion.

    In Putin’s case, it’s “hey, we’re not the only ones who think it should be illegal to be gay.” He’s not going to care if the details are wrong, because he knows that most journalists these days, especially in America, won’t bother to report the corrected information.

  22. Badgerite says:

    Maybe Putin is confusing gay sex with same sex marriage. One being fully legal in all states and territories and the other still making its way. He thinks the debate about marriage is the same as the debate about legality as in right to exist. As you say, we settled that one a while ago.
    He may also be trying to use gays to cover the dismal state of life in Russia where the death rate obliterates any gains in birth rate. I would blame that on the government in Russia rather than gays.
    He’s trying to distract from his own dismal failures.

  23. BeccaM says:

    I’ve noticed that detail many times, too. Whenever the bigots talk about gay sex being ‘disgusting,’ it’s obvious from the examples they use that the notion of two women enjoying each other’s bodies is the farthest thing from their minds.

    Some of it definitely thoughtless misogyny. And some, I truly believe, betrays personal sexual obsession.

    Senator Frothy comes to mind on that one…

  24. Anonymous says:

    If they could focus all their energy on getting their tax money back from politicians, they might evolve. Unfortunately, most are too brainwashed to understand the state of things.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I maintain that they ignore lesbians so much because they aren’t secretly attracted to them.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The heroin/HIV crisis there is dismal. They have half the population of the US and 30,000 heroin deaths per year. That’s comparable to the number of deaths by car accidents/year in the US. They have a 1980s America attitude toward HIV and seem to ignore or ostracize drug users. Without proper education on these topics they’re doomed.

  27. AJayne says:

    Undoubtedly true.

    And they tend to ignore that many gay people are female.

  28. BeccaM says:

    “Cleanse.” “Clean up,” as quoted in the Al Jazeera article that also says the word he used had military connotations as well.

    Yeah, that isn’t chilling or evocative at all. Or familiar.

  29. karmanot says:

    True. Even the 18th century was more progressive.

  30. karmanot says:

    And that’s a good thing, which explains that for gay folk like myself it is a decidedly a wonderful ‘choice.’ —truning the ‘choice’ argument around on them, drives them apoplectic.

  31. karmanot says:

    Further, that reasoning underlies a deep fear and contempt for women.

  32. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    What they are basically saying is that all people lean toward homosexual attraction, and the only thing keeping man-woman couples having sex and reproducing is the current condemnation of gay sex.

    Oh, that attitude has been expressed almost openly! It bleeds through in the accusation that same-sex attraction is “selfish” (“selfish hedonism” is a phrase actually used by Alan Keyes for example). The idea is that sex as sanctioned by God ought to be tied to the duties of marriage and procreation, duties which it is sometimes grudgingly admitted are not entirely pleasant, whereas gay sex is all about sexual enjoyment alone. Hence having gay sex is all about abandoning yourself to self-centered pleasures and forgetting that sex was meant to be a procreative duty to God.

  33. AJayne says:

    Unintended consequences.

    I laugh whenever I hear (or read) someone proclaim that when society accepts gay people – as real, normal people, dontcha know – that humanity will cease to exist within a generation or two.

    What they are basically saying is that all people lean toward homosexual attraction, and the only thing keeping man-woman couples having sex and reproducing is the current condemnation of gay sex.

    So, welcome all of those xtianist fundamentalists to the club!

  34. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    I think Putin believes that if gay men and lesbians are prevented from having same-sex sex, they’ll have opposite-sex sex instead, thereby increasing the birth rate.

    You said it. It’s such a bizarre notion. “Gee, gay sex is illegal now. Better get back to popping out more babies!”

  35. Naja pallida says:

    You’re right. Their birth rate is actually higher than the US right now. But their death rate is close to double that of every European nation; somewhere on par with central African nations. More than half of deaths in Russia are due to cardiovascular disease with the obvious, alcohol, smoking and poor diet as the causative factors. Almost as many people die in Russia every year from accidental alcohol poisoning as from accidental drowning. Which is kind of a disturbing statistic. There’s almost a 14 year difference between the male and female life expectancy, men are much more likely to die younger, again more than double every other industrialized nation. They’re really a third world dictatorship playing at being a modern European nation, fighting stepping into the 20th century with everything they can muster.

  36. karmanot says:

    I know, but so unsexy—-he looks like a glaberous, steamed piroshki.

  37. Jeff Metzner says:

    George Stephanopoulos, in his Sunday interview with Putin, did respond back with the fact that the US Supreme Court had overturned all the anti-gay laws Putin was referring to. Putin ignored him.

  38. Stev84 says:

    Russia doesn’t need more babies. It needs less deaths. Their birth rate isn’t really lower than in many comparable countries. But they have an extremely high mortality rate. A lot of it because of alcohol abuse.

  39. perljammer says:

    I don’t think Putin believes that straight men and women will be seduced into being gay (or bi), thereby reducing the birth rate. I think Putin believes that if gay men and lesbians are prevented from having same-sex sex, they’ll have opposite-sex sex instead, thereby increasing the birth rate. This is crazy, of course, but we are talking about Putin after all.

  40. heimaey says:

    It’s a logical conclusion, especially since most extreme homophobes are hiding something. He does have all those weird shirtless pics of him in the wilderness. Russian cheesiness or for grindr?

  41. Olterigo says:

    John, Putin has been “misinformed” by one of the news services. I can’t recall which news channel or personality said this, but this was a story about half a year ago that claimed that many US states ban homosexuality. Needless to say, it as posted and reposted on social networking sites, and made lots of noise despite being false. Of course, it quoted from the legal codices of such luminaries of LGBT equality as Mississippi and Texas, but pretended that these laws continue to be enforceable. I’m sorry, I can’t be helpful about remembering which site it was.

  42. Savage8862 says:

    Did I miss something? I did not read where he almost or did, or secretly admitted he was bi-sexual?

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