Report: Ugandan president blocks jail-gays-for-life bill

There’s a report in the Ugandan press that the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, has blocked a controversial anti-gay bill that passed parliament only a few weeks ago.

The legislation would make “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by life imprisonment.  The bill also appears to require straight Ugandans to report “homosexual activities” to the police.

America’s Republican party, and our religious right, have heavy ties with the Ugandan right, and in the case of America’s very-white religious right, they’re the ones who are actually pulling the strings in Uganda.

The report in the Ugandan press claims that Museveni has blocked the legislation based on a technicality – the parliament did not have the necessary quorum present to pass the bill.

Like America's lead anti-gay bigots, their Ugandan counterparts won't win anyone awards for oozing heterosexuality.

Like America’s lead anti-gay bigots, their Ugandan counterparts won’t win any awards for oozing heterosexuality. I swear, most of them look gay as hell.

Of course, lest anyone think Museveni was doing a good deed, he then went off on a bizarre tangent about how gays are created in the West by “random breeding,” and how lesbians become lesbians “for mercenary reasons” – meaning, they don’t get married, then face “sexual starvation,” and apparently get so horny that they have to sleep with other women, or they’re heads will explode.

Museveni is also the one who told Christiane Amanpour a while back that Uganda didn’t have any gays until those evil white queer westerners showed up.

Before we came in touch with the Europeans, we had some few homosexuals…. Africans are by nature discreet people… We never exhibit our sexual acts in public.  I have for instance never kissed my wife in public… The problem is exhibitionism… The second problem is trying to lure young children into homosexuality… Nobody has been killed in Uganda for being gay.”

Having said that, it’s also entirely possibly that Museveni saw the writing on the wall, saw that this legislation was cause big problem with major donors like the UK and the US (and Sweden, among others), yet wanted to minimize any backlash against him for killing the legislation.  So he blocked the bill, then blasted the gays.  (It’s also entirely possibly that Museveni simply hates us.)

And one final note: Jim Burroway, who is an expert on the Ugandan issue, says some caution is in order:

Caution may be in order. According to Daily Monitor, the letter was dated December 28. Multiple news reports since the start of the new year have Museveni saying that he will bring the Anti-Homosexuality Bill before the entire ruling party caucus before deciding whether to give his assent or send it back to Parliament. But this report has him sending it back before bringing it before the caucus. Now that doesn’t mean he hasn’t sent it back. But if he did, it changes the character and possible outcomes for the party caucus. I think more clarification and confirmation is in order before we celebrate.

Be sure to check out our Uganda archives.

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19 Responses to “Report: Ugandan president blocks jail-gays-for-life bill”

  1. Rob says:

    I don’t have any problem with queers or religious fanatics as long as they are discreet and don’t Proselytize. Problem is the religious freaks have never been able to mind their own business and the queers are following the example. Both like to recruit little kids to their cause, many for the same reasons. Both camps have a lot of molesters.

  2. karmanot says:

    Ah, a troll specializing in scum.

  3. cole3244 says:

    not all people of faith but those i refer to are definitely scum and that is not the worse thing i could call them for the damage they do in the name of god.

  4. The_Fixer says:

    Nice generalization. Too bad it isn’t all true. The first half, sometimes. But how the two are linked is not clear to me.

    I (and a good number of Atheists here) do not call all people of faith “scum”. That’s because we all know people having religious beliefs who actually do try and live up to the better ideals expressed in religious teachings. We reserve the term “scum” for homophobic, hypocritical and opportunistic religious fundamentalist “leaders”.

  5. karmanot says:

    Ratzo to Gorgeous: “I’ll show you my celibate, if you show me yours.”

  6. karmanot says:

    Isn’t that special.

  7. atheism is a prejudice says:

    Homophobes call homosexuals scum, atheists call people of faith scum.

  8. FLL says:

    Nigeria has oil. Uganda has no natural resources to speak of, which makes it more dependent on foreign aid. Giving aid to Nigeria at this point is a crime. It’s outrageous to see David Cameron’s Tory government in Britain deciding to increase aid to Nigeria in spite of the current witch hunt. I hope Obama doesn’t follow that path.

    P.S. On January 9, when the governor of Utah at first refused to recognize legal same-sex marriages, I wrote in a comment that “Obama and Eric Holder would be dead wrong if they did what Herbert is doing and denied Utah same-sex married couples federal benefits, including filing tax returns as a married couple” (link to my comment here). On January 10, the Obama administration announced that the federal government would recognize same-sex marriages even if Utah wouldn’t (link to the Americablog post here). I hope Obama continues his recent track record by decreasing or eliminating foreign aid to Nigeria even though Prime Minister Cameron is increasing it.

  9. goulo says:

    I’ll also go out on a limb and guess that many Catholics in Uganda are a wee bit more anti-gay than Catholics in USA… :) I.e. US Catholics being more tolerant doesn’t mean Ugandan Catholics are more tolerant.

    (Similar to how many Catholics in e.g. Poland are more anti-gay than Catholics in the USA.)

  10. cole3244 says:

    i see the religious scum have spread their bigoted tentacles into africa, god is a fabrication and jesus would not approve.

  11. Ninong says:

    You’re right, there are still many Catholics and other Christians who still think homosexuality is a “chosen lifestyle.” I didn’t mean to imply that the “official” position of the Catholic and Anglican churches had changed, just that attitudes, from the top down, have moderated over the past decade or so to the point where the majority of them now accept homosexual orientation as an orientation and not a “choice.” I meant that as a contrast with the Baptists and other fundamentalist Christian denominations that still think it’s a chosen lifestyle.

    The only difference that I have noticed since about 2000 is that the Vatican has shifted the emphasis towards saying that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality per se as long as that person “leads a chaste life.” So gays are okay as long as they never have any gay sex. Then they always add that this is no difference from their position of heterosexual non-married persons since they don’t believe in sex outside marriage. Since they don’t believe in gay marriage, that means gays should never have sex in their lives.
    No change in “official church doctrine,” just a slightly modified attitude and a different emphasis in the way they justify their position.

  12. jomicur says:

    The Guardian has a few more details. This is sadly typical. Even when straight people try, however feebly, to do right by our community, they usually get it wrong. (When I think of my lesbian friends, “sex-starved” is hardly the first phrase that comes to mind.) Still, it’s something.

  13. Bill_Perdue says:

    The Ugandan racist, enabled and bankrolled by scum like Lively, Pat Robertson and Obama BF Rick Warren haven’t backed down. In all likelihood, as John says, they’re just postponing things, mulling over what would really happen if they opted for a ‘final solution’.

    If Obama can kill 16 year old American boys and torture, persecute and imprison whistle blowers then the can at least arrest and prosecute Scott Lively.

  14. Indigo says:

    Malice, Anti-Human Rights activites, and Bullying are all part of the same package. Just because we do not currently share Uganda’s good Christian legislation doesn’t mean we’re home free.

  15. goulo says:

    What the official church doctrine is and what church members believe is not always the same thing. Plenty of Catholics and other Christians think homosexuality is a choice, despite what the official church doctrine might say.

  16. Naja pallida says:

    I think I saw that James Bond movie.

  17. Ninong says:

    Yeah, well, he’s a “born-again Christian” and they all believe that homosexuals choose their “lifestyle” and “recruit young children to homosexuality.” So maybe he was taught that by some American “born-again Christian” missionary?

    I think Museveni must be part of that “4% other” because Catholics and Anglicans have finally come to believe that homosexuality is an innate sexual orientation and not a choice. They just believe, like the Pope Emeritus, that it’s okay to be gay as long as you never, ever do anything gay. The “choice” that gays have is to remain celibate for life, like Papa Ratzi and his BFF Bel Giorgio, who are both allegedly celibate. They share an apartment together in the Vatican Gardens, where they practice being celibate.

  18. Ben A. Varkentine says:

    Mercenary lesbians. Cool!

  19. Ninong says:

    This man’s ignorance is breathtaking! I just checked Uganda’s demographics. It’s actually 84% Christian! Catholics make up 42% of the population, 36% are Anglican, 12% Islam and 4% other or none.

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