Swedish Marines in Afghanistan lip sync Greased Lightning from Grease

Swedish Marines based in Afghanistan decided to perform a lip sync to “Greased Lightning” from Grease.


It’s a shame they don’t carry Swedish Marines at my Ikea.

UPDATE: The video has been pulled, because of a copyright claim made by the man who directed the video, Boris Zelada.  There’s a story here.  Since the video was deleted, I added a few more an imated gifs. It was really well done, and even with the pranks, it’s too bad it was taken down – the guys deserve a hand for creating this.  Honestly, I didn’t even know the Swedes had Marines, or that they were in Afghanistan.  This video only makes me like the Swedes even more than I already did.

Also, for the time being, there’s a lesser-quality copy of the video here.




Reader BearEyes noted in the comments that there are a number of racy Easter Eggs, of sorts, hidden in this video – can you find them?  I’m actually blown away as to how many there are in the video. I didn’t catch any of them at first.  Here are a few:

0:50 Guy on the far right in the background doing some interesting hand movements. I couldn’t get a good gif of it. I did get a decent gif of the other two guys, to the right of the lead, but behind him, uh, going at it at 0:50


1:00 Two men on the upper left of the vehicle having some fun:


1:22 Some subtle pumping and grinding going on with two guys standing on the ledge of the vehicle on the left. Again, couldn’t get a good gif of it.

2:05 A nice gay pose from the man leaning on the right side of the vehicle:


2:15 On the far right, way in the back, a man is servicing something other than a military vehicle (this one is obvious when you look at the real video below):


225 There’s some loving going on on the left, behind the man waving:


303 Possibly the funniest one. Look under the foot that’s raise on the far left – keep your eye on the two guys in the back of the scene, like 30 feet back, the one in welder’s hat cracks me up – you’ll see this better in the actual video below:


Here’s a still shot of it:


Are there any I’m missing?

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For the moment, this copy of the video works…

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