Advertising disaster hall of fame: AYDS diet pills, 1982 (video)

I was going through an archive of old TV shows, and stumbled across one of my favorite (if you can call it that) advertising disasters: AYDS diet pills, circa 1982.

I remember AYDS diet pills, or “candy” as they liked to call it. And I remember thinking what a disaster this was later that same year when the term “AIDS” was first created to describe a cluster of specific sarcomas and pneumonias that appeared (at the time) to be primarily affecting gay men, Haitians and hemophiliacs, among others.

I did a little googling, and interestingly, the company didn’t change the name of the diet pill until 1988, six years later. And then, they only changed it to Diet Ayds in the US, and Aydslim in the UK. Both of which, in retrospect, still sound awfully inappropriate. The product was eventually removed from the market.

Ayds image by Marshmallowbunnywabbit.

Ayds image by Marshmallowbunnywabbit.

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