Colbert Report schools US Olympic men’s speekstaters in being hetero for Sochi

A pretty funny segment from the Colbert Report on training the US men’s Olympic speedskating team to be as hetero as possible for when they compete in Sochi, Russia – since Russia is notoriously anti-gay.


Buddy Cole was pretty funny this time.

The part with Kyle Carr about 3:00 into the video is priceless.

Buddy Cole: Is speedskating a choice, or were you born a speedskater?

Speedskater Kyle Carr: I think you’re born a speedskater.

Buddy Cole:  So you were born a speedskater? Yes. What’s your name?

Kyle Carr: Kyle Carr.

Buddy Cole: [repeats his name with the same butch accent Carr has] Kyle Carr.

Kyle Carr: I’m a short track, um, I do short track…

Buddy Cole: What, you’re a short tracker? Don’t worry about it Kyle, it’s a little cold in here.  We’re all a little short-tracked.

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