Flaming Buddy Cole ticks off the cops in Sochi for the Colbert Report

Wow, I’m impressed by this one. Buddy Cole (aka Canadian comedian Scott Thompson) has been reporting on the Sochi Olympics for the Colbert Report, and in last night’s segment, he went to Sochi and decide to basically flame out in the center of town, asking strangers on the street where to find the gay people and more, all the while sporting a fur.


Buddy then takes us to the “protest zone” that’s apparently 50 miles outside of town. He decided to start protesting that he was out of vodka, so the cops showed up and started giving him a hard time. After what happened to Pussy Riot yesterday (getting beaten with whips for singing a song), Buddy’s got some balls doing this.  In the photo above, he’s waving to the cops (with martini glass in hand).

Here’s another shot of Buddy, with his producer trying to talk the cops out of arresting him.


I don’t know if he’s brave or stupid, but damn.

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43 Responses to “Flaming Buddy Cole ticks off the cops in Sochi for the Colbert Report”

  1. Bam says:

    In Atlanta we just push the wall down and start walking down the middle of the street. Cops just laugh if you have the cooler ones on duty. It’s hilarious to see the look of tourists and motorists when a parade appears chanting Who’s Streets Our Streets and takes over control.

  2. Bam says:

    hahaha this Putin government is so absurdly petty and so over-the-top in their attempt to not even allow one word uttered that they don’t like that I can’t even feel sad anymore, I just have laugh out loud the utter stupidity. And this is 2014 and they’re acting like its 1950. Could they be any more uptight and controlling. I keep having to remind myself that this is really happening. Why do they feel the need to be such total douchebags that the only sane reaction is to hate them. Could they possibly do anything that would make themselves look worse. It’s like every single breath you take and blink of your eyes they decide and if you dare show the slightest twitch of disagreement we’re going to sick a pack of rabid angry young men to pummel into silence. Resistance is futile. I can’t believe no one has postal there yet. I’m almost to that point just watching what’s happening. It’s painful being so far away and just wanting to make it stop. I think it’s good that I don’t live there because I’d probably pack every object I find that could be used as a weapon and go Rambo on to Nazi bullies big crowd of Nazi bullies like a rabid animal and wouldn’t stop until they shot me. I wouldn’t even care because living life as their slave isn’t worth the time. I’d rather have freedom in death.


    03/05/14 Moscow, near Red Square

    – Don’t stand here
    – Why?
    – Your coat is yellow
    – I have the same blue sweater
    – I implore you to get out of here or I’ll have you arrested

  4. Guest says:

    03/05/14 Moscow, near Red Square

    – Don’t stan here
    – Why?
    – Your coat is yellow
    – I have the same blue sweater
    – I implore you to get out of here or I’ll have you arrested


    I love my country!!! :))))

  6. Badgerite says:

    No, dear. That is not wrong. Reasonable time, place and manner restrictions is all the constitution will allow. More than that is unconstitutional. But after you have camped out in a public park for months, they do get to tell you to vacate for basic maintenance.

  7. Sweetie says:

    Wrong. There has been legislation recently to make it quite difficult to protest, not that it was already particularly easy. Take a look at footage from the LRAD-laden protest attempts in recent years.

    Free speech zones were only the first step.

  8. Matt Rogers says:

    This is not only funny, but it also provides important information about Russia, like the free speech zone 70 kilometers away.

  9. Matt Rogers says:

    Funny pic! I thought so.

  10. Badgerite says:

    USA has reasonable time, place and manner restrictions. You do not need PERMISSION. If the forum is available for one kind of political speech, it must allow all kinds of political speech.

  11. 2karmanot says:


  12. Sweetie says:

    Free speech zones.
    Areas declared off-limits for protest.

    Both in the USA.


    Mayor of Moscow Sobyanin divorced with your wife like and Putin maybe it’s love?

  14. LanceThruster says:

    Serious question, John.

    Re: your concern over Colbert’s interview (or at least your apparent conflict over whether it was appropriately respectful and accommodating re: transgender(ed?) individuals)…what is the take on the political correctness of ‘flaming’ stereotypes? Who is allowed to do these parodies (gay and -non?).

    Thanks. Just curious.

  15. cole3244 says:

    me too!

  16. Why do you hate bisexuals? ;-)

  17. Badgerite says:

    Wow. Is that true? That you need permission to protest from the government from the government?

  18. LanceThruster says:

    They have a sardonic dark humor that was usually aimed at the state.

    The state itself is notoriously without a sense of humor.

    see: http://www.johndclare.net/Russ12_Jokes.htm

  19. dcinsider says:

    Colbert: “Have you seen any gays in Sochi”
    Buddy; “I know of at least one. I met one of the athletes last night that shoot and ski.”
    Colbert: “A bi-athlete?”
    Buddy: “He is now.”

    Loved it.

  20. dcinsider says:

    Buddy rocks and the segment was laugh out loud funny. Scott Thompson is fabulous and his reports on Sochi are spot on.

  21. olandp says:

    Always remember it was the drag queens that started Stonewall. We owe them our eternal gratitude.

  22. Simon Is says:

    Buddy is back!

  23. trista niap says:

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  24. pappyvet says:


  25. vonlmo says:

    While NBC broadcasts the Jonny Weir Minstrel Show………

  26. Richard Langston says:

    A few wise words from Buddy to Russia: Get extinct!

  27. Strepsi says:

    Huge love for Scott Thompson! He is incredibly brave, bo bulls***, and hilarious. LOVE.

    Can you believe he was doing this on national TV 25 years ago? Network TV in North America still hasn’t caught up to him.


  28. PeteWa says:

    Straight, no Sochi?

  29. BillFromDover says:

    He is now!

  30. BillFromDover says:

    He’s been reporting all week and I can’t remember laughing so hard… ever!

  31. Olterigo says:

    Russians and humor? Not really.

  32. Indigo says:

    He hopped on a wagon full of the righteous on that issue. Bravo! I thought he was a put on but no, he’s the Real Thing. Quentin Crist he ain’t but he’ll do. I am impressed!

  33. cole3244 says:

    i’m not related to buddy cole but i am glad he’s on my side of the political aisle.

    the bi joke was a hoot!

  34. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I’m going to be laughing at the biathlete joke for awhile.

  35. kingstonbears says:

    Just hope they didn’t use the “water” as a chaser

  36. kingstonbears says:

    Sorry, can’t resist. Right now not only do they enjoy a joke, they are the effin’ joke!!

  37. Drew2u says:

    My bet is the producer had 3 3-finger whiskeys when they got back to the hotel bar.

  38. Timothy Burns says:

    Scott Thompson has always been incredibly brave, to the detriment of his career. I’m happy to see that society is finally catching up.

  39. LanceThruster says:

    I love Buddy Cole / Scott Thompson. It’s so sad that he could actually be beaten and/or jailed for such silliness.

    I thought the Russians (my people actually) were supposed to have a tradition of humor, no?

  40. BeccaM says:

    My vote is for ‘incredibly brave.’

    That took guts. Kudos to Scott.

  41. Hatfield says:

    Countries like Russia, Nigeria, Gambia and Uganda (to name a few) work very hard at becoming hellholes and frankly I think they deserve to reap the rewards of their efforts.

  42. I’m beyond impressed that he’d do this.

  43. mirror says:

    Acting out a part in a public setting like that can get pretty overwhelming once you commit to your part. Once there is objectively no edge to the stage and no delineation between actor and audience, there is very little to stop the immersion in your character from taking you places you would never go out of character. I’ve done it. You can find out some strange things about the internal boundaries, or lack there of, of your inner personality.

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