Fox News blasts Arizona’s “Jim Crow laws for homosexuals”

Fox News, which spent repeated broadcasts helping promote Arizona’s new horrifically anti-gay law – a law that would permit people in the state to basically ignore any law they want, simply by claiming it violates their religious beliefs – has now turned around and condemend the law as being a “Jim Crow law for homosexuals.”

It’s great news for Fox to finally be on our side.  It’s just a little odd, is all.  As Media Matters shows, in the second video below, Fox was all about promoting the law, until they weren’t.


I did an extensive post on the Arizona law after it was passed last week. Here’s a snippet from that:

A draconian new law, on its way to the governor of Arizona for her signature, would make businesses “people” for the purposes of claiming “religious discrimination” in the state.

The law, SB1062, would also dramatically expand the scope of current religious protections for individuals under Arizona state law, making potentially every state law unenforceable in court, should someone claim that enforcement of the law impinges on their religious beliefs.

This is a particular problem for gay and trans Arizonans, whose civil rights are protected in only a handful of cities, but not under any state (or federal) civil rights law.  A restaurant could now claim that its religious beliefs are offended by serving someone gay, or a bank could say it has a religious problem with providing a loan to someone who is transgender.

The absurd over-reach of the legislation is leading some to call it the “Stand Your God” law.

In essence, the new law would undermine existing civil rights protections for gay and trans people in those cities – and that was in fact the original intent of the law, to permit discrimination against gays.  But the law also potentially harms every Arizonan.

And here’s Fox’s newfound support for tolerance – which I laud. (Hey, it’s better to have them on our side, than the opposite.)

And below that, you can find Fox News’ previous embrace of the anti-gay, and really anti-business (and anti-everything), law.

TANTAROS: What has happened, Martha, is this has spiraled totally out of control. And so, while the First Amendment is a really strong argument, I don’t know why you would want to bring Jim Crow laws back to the forefront for homosexuals.

MACCALLUM: I mean, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

TANTAROS: If you’re a business owner, I don’t know why you’d want to turn business away. And if you’re gay, let’s say, why would you want the baker of hate baking your cake anyway? Unfortunately, it has taken a really crazy turn and gotten way out of hand. And as Juan mentioned, a number of Republicans, three of them who voted to pass this said that they would change their mind.

MACCALLUM: It sounds like the lunch counter, Juan.

Those are strong words from anyone, let alone a host on Fox News.

Fortunately, there’s been a groundswell of business opposition to the law – as it would permit anyone to attempt to vitiate any contract in the state, simply by claiming that the contract offends their religion.  As the governor has yet to make her decision on whether she’ll sign it, we may still kill this thing yet.

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Foxey Dooley hates bigotry…

…But loves intolerance.

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