Paper publishes “Uganda’s 200 top homos,” as prez says oral sex is western import, must be banned

In response to their president’s decision to sign into law yesterday a draconian piece of legislation making it illegal to be gay in Uganda, one of the country’s leading newspapers has published a list of “Uganda’s 200 top homos.”

The anti-gay legislation will jail for life anyone who is convicted of having gay sex more than once, an act labeled “aggravated homosexuality” under the new law.

The law also forces parents, teachers and doctors to report gay and trans people to the police.

In the “good news” department, the law no longer calls for the death penalty for gays, which it did a few months ago, so there is that.

The European Parliament reports that, “The new law vastly expands the criminalisation of LGBTI individuals, and now forces parents, teachers and doctors to report LGBTI persons to authorities. … [T]he new law punishes persons keeping a house or rooms for the ‘purpose of homosexuality’ (i.e., landlords or parents of LGBTI persons) with a maximum of 7 years’ imprisonment.”



Uganda has for decades had a significant HIV/AIDS problem, which includes a majority heterosexual component, as AIDS in Africa, as compared to the United States, is mostly a heterosexual problem.  And it’s even more than that. It’s a problem of straight Ugandan men frequenting too many prostitutes.

You really need to read Ugandan President Museveni’s entire speech, on signing the bill into law, to get the full flavor of how backward and dictatorial this country really is.

Also keep in mind that many African countries believe that homosexuality is a “western import,” that they don’t have gay people in their countries, rather “white” governments have somehow imported them.  In fact, the only “white” thing imported into Africa from the west has been hatred and bigotry, as a number of leading “white” American religious right and Republican congressional leaders have been heavily involved in exporting intolerance into Africa generally, and Uganda in particular.

Here’s Uganda President Museveni, yesterday:

top-100-homos-uganda-2It seems the topic of homosexuals was provoked by the arrogant and careless Western groups that are fond of coming into our schools and recruiting young children into homosexuality and lesbianism, just as they carelessly handle other issues concerning Africa….

When, eventually, I concentrated my mind on it, I distilled three problems:
1. those who were promoting homo-sexuality and recruiting normal people into it;
2. as a consequence of No. 1 above, many of those recruited were doing so for mercenary reasons – to get money – in effect homosexual prostitutes; these mercenary homosexual prostitutes had to be punished;
3. Homosexuals exhibiting themselves; Africans are flabbergasted by exhibitionism of sexual acts – whether heterosexual or otherwise and for good reason. Why do you exhibit your sexual conduct? Are you short of opportunity for privacy – where you can kiss, fondle (kukirigiita, kwagaaga) etc.?

Are we interested in seeing your sexual acts – we the Public? I am not able to understand the logic of the Western Culture. However, we Africans always keep our opinions to ourselves and never seek to impose our point of view on the others. If only they could let us alone.

President Museveni, with the help of Uganda’s top “scientists,” determined that most gays are heterosexual “mercenaries” who go gay for the money, or something:

My question to them was: “Are there people that are homosexual right from birth?”. After exhaustive studies, it has been found that homosexuality is in two categories: there are those who engage in homosexuality for mercenary reasons on account of the under – developed sectors of our economy that cause people to remain in poverty, the great opportunities that abound not withstanding; and then there are those that become homosexual by both nature (genetic) and nurture (up-bringing).

That’s when Museveni informs us that oral sex is a western import, and simply must be destroyed:

Since Western societies do not appreciate politeness, let me take this opportunity to warn our people publicly about the wrong practices indulged in and promoted by some of the outsiders.

One of them is “oral sex”. Our youth should reject this because God designed the human being most appropriately for pleasurable, sustainable and healthy sex. Some of the traditional styles are very pleasurable and healthy. The mouth is not engineered for that purpose except kissing. Besides, it is very unhealthy. People can even contract gonorrhea of the mouth and throat on account of so-called “oral sex”, not to mention worms, hepatitis E, etc.

The Ministry of Gender and Youth should de-campaign this buyayism imported from outside and sensitize the youth about the healthy life style that is abundant in our cultures.

Museveni concludes with some bizarre statement about how you can’t “choose” to be gay, and that this is then proof of why gays should be discriminated against:

We reject the notion that somebody can be homosexual by choice; that a man can choose to love a fellow man; that sexual orientation is a matter of choice. Since my original thesis that there may be people who are born homosexual has been disproved by science, then the homosexuals have lost the argument in Uganda.

They should rehabilitate themselves and society should assist them to do so.

The US always gives military aid to Uganda, as I’ve noted before:

The US has given Uganda around $16bn over the past two decades, and is currently providing nearly half a billion annually.  And millions each year goes from the US to the Ugandan military – I wonder how they’d feel about their money being cut off because their leaders are attempting to become modern-day Idi Amins?

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