From Russia With Love: But no gay stuff

Stephen Colbert weighs in on the various Olympic snafus, and then he hones in on Russia’s Olympic demonstration sport: Gay-bashing.

Colbert: “It’s not only the media attacking these Olympic games. They’re also under threat from an extremist terror group: The gays.”

Colbert then announces that he’s going back to the Olympics:

Well nation, I am going back to the Olympics!

Is something I would say if they weren’t in Russia.

Colbert sends Buddy Cole to meet with openly-gay ambassador to the OSCE Dan Baer:


Actually, though Cole camps it up, Amb. Baer does a good job of playing the straight-guy (so to speak), and actually explaining the anti-gay law and the situation in Russia.  The piece was a bit too campy honestly.  I’m not sure it wasn’t too over the top.  See what you think.

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