Putin is against Nazis in Ukraine, but he loves them in Russia

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The Russian government is now claiming that it had to invade Crimea, Ukraine in order to stop “Nazis” from taking over the country.

Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin has been especially vocal about the Ukrainian Nazi threat, repeatedly lashing out at western governments for supporting what he calls “fascist thugs” in the country.

Russian propaganda organ RT (aka Russia Today) was more direct a week ago when, after expressing concern that the Ukrainians were taking down statues of Lenin that were still oddly ubiquitous in the country, “Exit Communism. Enter Nazism?”

It’s therefore more than a tad ironic that Russian President Vladimir Putin, while terribly concerned about Ukraine’s made-up “Nazi threat,” couldn’t care less about his own very real fascist thug problem at home.

Russia has a serious neo-Nazi problem, and Putin does little about it

A Russia expert said last summer that “there’s quite a bit of violence” in Russia “against people considered to be black.”  She added that it’s unsafe for people considered black (basically, anyone not extremely white) to venture outside of Moscow’s city center, and that St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, is “crawling with skinheads.”

A young gay South African is attacked by Russian vigilantes, who filmed it and posted the video online.

A young gay South African is attacked by a Russian neo-Nazi from “Occupy Pedophilia,” who filmed the abduction, then posted the video on Russian social media site VK.com

One particularly brazen group of Russian neo-Nazis goes by the name of “Occupy Pedophilia.”  In spite of their name, Occupy Pedophilia’s main focus has little to do with pedophiles, and a lot to do with gay-bashing.

Occupy Pedophilia is openly neo-Nazi, its top officers publicly extol Adolf Hitler, and the organization claims credit for nearly 1,500 kidnappings across Russia and Ukraine in the 18 months it’s been in existence.

The organization, which claims to have at least 30 affiliates, is not simply tacitly tolerated by the Putin regime, the Russian government, after denying the organization’s existence, turned around and defended the neo-Nazis’ anti-gay, anti-Semitic and racist kidnapping spree across greater Russia.

15 year old boy abducted by Occupy Pedophilia, and then outed to his family after he said his father would beat him if he found out he was gay.

15 year old boy abducted by Occupy Pedophilia, after being promised money for sex, then outed to his family after he said his father would beat him if he found out he was gay.

Occupy Pedophilia works by going online and setting up “dates” with young gays, some as young as 13 years of age.  The underage ones are often enticed to show up by the promise of money in exchange for sex.  When they show up for their date, they’re accosted by a group of 6 to 12 young men who then beat and terrorize them, including forcing them to drink urine as a “cure” for their homosexuality, filming the entire encounter, and then posting the video on Russia’s top social media site, VK.com (aka VKontakte), which has shown general disinterest in taking the videos down.

Up until recently, the Russian government didn’t care about Occupy Pedophilia’s kidnappings, and refused to prosecute.  Only recently has the Putin regime arrested Occupy Pedophilia head Maxim Martsinkevich (only after CNN exposed the entire operation, and Putin’s indifference, in a nationwide broadcast in the US), and even then Martsinkevich was charged under a different “crime,” insulting World War II veterans.  Martsinkevich has not been charged with even one of the nearly 1,500 kidnappings alleged to have happened under his tutelage.  And the Russians have made no move to arrest any of Martsinkevich’s underlings, or operations the other 29 cities.

Occupy Pedophilia founder Martsinkevich helps top lieutenant, Daniil Konovalov, sell busts of Hitler, who Konovalov calls "our ideological mastermind."

Occupy Pedophilia founder Martsinkevich helps top lieutenant Daniil Konovalov sell busts of Hitler on VK.com. Konovalov calls Hitler “our ideological mastermind.”

Occupy Pedophilia also uses VK.com as its main organizing hub, using the site to find apartments in which to conduct its kidnappings (which Occupy Pedophilia calls “safaris,” since they’re “hunting” gays), and seeking young men to use as “bait.”

VK.com was founded by Russian social media darling Pavel Durov, who did little to fix the neo-Nazi abduction problem during his tenure.  A few months ago, Durov sold his controlling shares in VK.com to an ally of Russian oligarch, richest man in Russia, and friend of Putin, Alisher Usmanov. VK.com continues to ignore its neo-Nazi problem now that it is under Usmanov’s control.

Here are four different solicitations for assistance in conducting its kidnappings that Occupy Pedophilia currently has posted on VK.com:


Occupy Pedophilia kidnaps Jewish Ukrainian TV star in Crimea

As if Vladimir Putin claiming to be concerned about Ukrainian Nazis weren’t ironic enough, perhaps the greatest irony occurred last fall when Occupy Pedophilia’s branch in Kiev abducted and tortured a famous Ukrainian TV star.

In this case, the kidnapping and torture was orchestrated by Martsinkevich himself, and it reportedly took place in none other than Crimea, the Ukrainian territory that Russia is coveting, and “defending from Nazis,” in the current crisis.

The 24 year old TV star was lured to a date, then stripped of his shirt, head shaven down the middle, a rainbow flag painted on his scalp, and Stars of David drawn on his torso, presumably because his captors assumed he was Jewish.

Ukrainian TV star abducted and tortured by Russian neo-Nazi Maxim Martsinkevich. Photos then posted on VK.com.

Ukrainian TV star abducted and tortured by Russian neo-Nazi Maxim Martsinkevich. Photos then posted on VK.com.

Occupy Pedophilia’s Nazi connection

Occupy Pedophilia’s Nazi ties are quite strong, and disturbing.  And while “propagandizing fascism” is banned by VK.com’s terms of service, conveniently posted on the site in English, in practice VK.com is a veritable treasure trove of Nazi worship, a fact that’s particularly ironic considering Russia lost between 18 million and 20 million people fighting the Nazis during World War II.

Let’s start with Martsinkevich’s neo-Nazi hate posts on VK.com.  Earlier, we saw Martsinkevich helping to sell Hitler busts.


As noted earlier, Maxim Martsinkevich is the head of Occupy Pedophilia.  He continues to organize on VK.com while under arrest.

Here, we have Martsinkevich helping to sell “white resistance” t-shirts for “really harsh nazis”:


Next, Martsinkevich laments “negro sitcoms” – Occupy Pedophilia is racist as well as anti-semitic and homophobic:


And Martsinkevich celebrates the anniversary of Hitler’s “25-point Program”:


vk occupy pedophilia gay russia

Urine is poured on the heads of Occupy Pedophilia’s abduction victims in order to “cure” them of their homosexuality. In the first two clips, the faux-redhead is Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg’s Katrina Logunova. The three videos that these clips were taken from were all posted on VK.com.

Next up is Martsinkevich’s ideological “daughter,” and the head of Occupy Pedophilia St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Zigunova, aka Katrina Logunova.  Again, all of this is posted on VK.com.

Here is a “Heil Hitler” t-shirt posted by Zigunova to VK.com.

“Restrukt,” the name on the t-shirt, is Martsinkevich’s organization that Logunova works at. While Restrukt’s focus goes far beyond “Occupy Pedophilia,” Restrukt has held trainings, that it videotaped and posted on YouTube, showing others how to conduct their own anti-gay “safaris.”

In the picture below, “88” is neo-Nazi code for “Heil Hitler,” as H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.  Thus 88 is HH, or Heil Hitler.


The following posts by Zigunova on VK.com are self-explanatory.

Translations, for the most part, were done automatically from the Russian via the Chrome browser.

Self-portrait of Zigunova/Logunova:



Note the coffee stirrers:



russian gays occupy pedophilia

Daniil Konovalov

Daniil Konovalov is listed on Martsinkevich’s public profiles as his “son,” in the same way that Zigunova/Logunova is listed as Martsinkevich’s “daughter.” Because of the proximity in ages of all three, it would appear that this means both are Martsinkevich’s ideological “children.”

Konovalov spends a good deal of time on VK.com promoting Martsinkevich’s “Restrukt” organization, when he’s not promoting Adolf Hitler.

First, we have Konovalov tying Martsinkevitch’s organization Restrukt again to Hitler, in two different posts:



Then we have a variety of Hitler, and swastika, homages from Konovalov, all posted on VK.com:


The heroes and martyrs of Adolf Hitler:


Konovalov reposts something lamenting the fact that “great Hitler” is so misunderstood:


Lamenting “race-mixing”:


Remember, 88  is Heil Hitler:


“Uncle Adolf”:




And here’s a sampling of Konovalov’s bigotry (the last two examples are from Instagram, the rest are from VK.com)

“Nigga stole a banana”:



Under the Star of David it says “Yid Reptile”:


Here Konovalov uses a Swastika to mock a Jew on the Moscow subway:


Here Konovalov mocks black women on the Moscow subway. He calls the women “monkeys” and “n*ggers,” and says the train is the “metro zoo”:daniil-racist2


One could practically spend a lifetime sifting through the Nazi content on VK.com.  This is a small sampling of what I was able to find in under an hour.

Note the first several in particular.  And in additional to the horrific Holocaust jokes, note that “Adolf Hitler” himself has an account on VK.com.

This is particularly awful:


This was a comment posted below the Holocaust joke:


More Holocaust and Jew jokes:





Then an assortment of Nazi postings:




Here’s a VK.com profile for “little Nazi”:



And here’s Adolf Hitler’s VK.com profile:



We know that Occupy Pedophilia is a racist, anti-semitic and homophobic hate group run by Russian neo-Nazis.

Russian billionaire oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who is the second largest shareholder in Megafon, and now controls VK.com.

Russian billionaire oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who is the second largest shareholder in MegaFon, and controls VK.com and Mail.ru.

We know that Vladimir Putin’s regime was content to ignore Occupy Pedophilia for a good 15 months, while the organization brazenly kidnapped and tortured over 1,000 young men (according to Zigunova), while posting the evidence of its crimes, including images of the perpetrators’ own faces, on VK.com.

We know that VK.com, under the management of Pavel Durov and Alisher Usmanov, has exhibited insufficient interest in enforcing its own terms of service against the blatant abuse of human rights taking place, and outright crimes being committed, and then published as a form of pornography, via its site.

And we know that if Vladimir Putin gave a fig about Nazis and fascists he’d have shut down Occupy Pedophilia on the day the first video was published on VK.com over one year ago, and he’d have weighed in with his best friend Alisher Usmanov to get VK.com to take down its neo-Nazi treasure trove.  To date, Putin has chosen to let Occupy Pedophilia’s, and VK.com’s, reign of Nazi terror continue, unabated.

And that tells you all you need to know about how concerned Vladimir Putin is about Nazis.  

Post Script – Additional Photos of Occupy Pedophilia’s Crimes

I have my own treasure-trove of evidence against Occupy Pedophilia and VK.com.  I won’t publish all of it, but here are a number of additional images of Occupy Pedophilia’s crimes, most of which are posted on VK.com.

First some animated gif snippets of abduction videos:


This boy, below, is 15 years old – I took several frames of the video, so you can see how they interrogate and terrorize him.

Keep in mind that he’s likely gay, and from a very small town in a very homophobic country, and they’re letting him know they’re about to out him to the world.  At the end of the clip they pour urine on his head.  Usually they either pour urine on the head of their victims, or force their victim to drink it, as a “cure” for homosexuality.


More of the young South African who was abducted, and later had a watermelon smashed into his face:

south african occupy pedophilia russia gay

The same young man – if you could see his eyes (I blurred them out), he’s absolutely terrified:


Another abduction:

OP FB dye

And another abduction:


First they attack this young man, then pose for photos:

vk pose with tropy 1 vk pose with trophy

Another young man who was beaten bloody:

best gif probably

Additional photos of Occupy Pedophilia terrorizing mostly young gay men and boys:

In this one, they spray painted the man’s face. In the second photo, you see his face after he wiped the spray paint off.  The thumb gesture they’re making is their symbol for the entire Occupy Pedophilia operation, and their homage to Martsinkevich.  The redhead is Zigunova/Logunova.







The boy being attacked here (with the fur hood) is quite young. His attacker, named Philip Razinsky, is 16 years old, and has ties to Martsinkevich (see next photo):


Attacker Razinsky meeting with Martsinvevich.  There is a report in Izvestia that Razinsky is under investigation, but it is unclear where the investigation stands.  I have scores of videos that this young neo-Nazi stars in, abducting young boys.


This boy is 13.  He’s been forced to walk around a public park wearing a tshirt that says “I’m gay and proud.” Notice it’s the same attacker, Razinsky again:


Here are three more of Razinksy’s abductions of young children:




And a few more Occupy Pedophilia victims:



Welcome to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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