Russian thugs attack St. Patrick’s Day revelers for wearing kilts, thought they were gay (video)

Russian thugs in the far east city of Irkutsk violently attacked a St. Patrick’s Day flash mob because some of the high schoolers, members of their school’s foreign language club, were in kilts, and presumed gay.

So they beat the cr*p out of them.


“We thought they were gay.”

A video posted on YouTube shows the attack.  It’s quite violent.

As I’ve written before, the ongoing anti-gay violence in Russia is part of a larger culture of intolerance intentionally being fed by Russian president Vladimir Putin and his allies in the federal Duma, and in state legislatures and towns.

Many of the anti-gay thugs in Russia are skinheads, white supremacists and neo-Nazis.  They’ve organized nationwide, but because they tend to attack gays, Jews and blacks (and immigrants), Russian President Putin has done little to stop them.  (Putin needs an enemy in order to help him consolidate power – last year’s enemy was the gays, this year’s is the West).

The thing is, we know the names and have videos of many of these neo-Nazi hate crimes, which include the perpetrators’ faces.  It’s not exactly rocket science going after them.  The Kremlin simply finds Russian neo-Nazis a useful tool for targeting Putin’s political enemies, so it tends to avoid doing anything about the violence.

Not exactly the kind of country you want to do business in, or visit as a tourist.

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16 Responses to “Russian thugs attack St. Patrick’s Day revelers for wearing kilts, thought they were gay (video)”

  1. Bam says:

    A typical Russian apologist argument:

    Why do you only talk about Russia’s bigotry problem. We only want to save our children’s morality so we let neo-nazi molest them and pour urine on head. This cure them from pedophilia.
    And christian crowds only whip and tackle teenage girls because they try to turn Russians into homosexuals with a rainbow flag.
    But you say nothing about racist problem in USA. Until 1958 black people had to ride in the back of the bus. Why you talk only about our neo-nazi charity volunteers and never do you complain about USA degenerates and LGBT terrorism.

  2. Butch1 says:

    Perhaps people should start carrying weapons again to counter these thugs. It may make them think before attacking someone if they have to decide whether they have a weapon on them for protection or not. To hell with the police; they are part of the problem. Just lie and say you are not gay and you were attacked by these thugs. There has to be a way to get around these White Power, bigots who think they can attack anyone they think is gay whether or not they really are. They need to be stopped.

  3. kurtsteinbach says:

    I’d liken it to the Hitler-inspired Nazi mobs of the 1930s who targeted and attacked gays, Roma, and Jews. So how long will it be until Putin decrees his own Nuremberg laws. First they take away their rights, next they decree that their enemies cannot hold certain jobs or go certain places. Then they expand the list of forbidden jobs and places, and the list of enemies. Will Putin have his own Kristallnacht? Will he stage a burning down of the Kremlin? Or will he just proceed directly to mass murder. and how will the rest of the world respond this time? Last time, it was too little, too late. When is enough, enough?

  4. JLSR says:

    Thus, proving the intelligence of these Russian citizens. Mother Russia must be so proud!

  5. FLL says:

    I wouldn’t describe the current law-and-order situation in Russia as complete chaos. I would liken it to the informally organized terror of the Ku-Klux-Klan-dominated South during the 1920s. In other words, the majority of society is not overtaken by anarchy—the random violence is only directed at the specifically targeted groups, which in the case of Russia are gay people and non-white immigrants (including those from the former Soviet Central Asian republics).

  6. FLL says:

    “…and anyone who is at all different is subject to attacks, muggings, and worse.”

    Non-white foreigners are already on that hit list. White foreigners are probably next.

  7. lynchie says:

    Well i understand a good percentage of drivers bribe a police man for the license. If you look at those videos they are appalling drivers with vehicles that are in disrepair. So many drunk drivers on the road.

    Here is a web site that explains some of it and it has 3 great videos to give you some idea of how dangerous it is on the roads

  8. emjayay says:

    That’s why there are so many dashboard videos of car crashes and appalling driving from Russia – every car has a camera running for evidence, plus of course Vodka.

  9. Takin says:

    It is correctly “St. Paddy’s” day. Seems these Russian kids are more aware of other cultures than many if not most Americans.

  10. Badgerite says:

    So the pretense of attacking gays who are engaged in pedophilia is unmasked as what it is. A pretense. Definition of pretense: an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.
    What exactly led these thugs to attack a group of high school kids in kilts. Other than the fact that they were thought to be gay and gay = pedophile. Without any conduct on their part that actually involved pedophilia. Just wearing kilts.
    The laws in Russia are not designed to ‘protect’ children. They are designed to isolate and discriminate against gays. Gays who are doing nothing but living. And maybe wearing kilts.

  11. caphillprof says:

    Well, kilts are kinda gay

  12. lynchie says:

    There is absolutely no crime prevention. Thugs rule the day from the Russian leader to the everyday person on the street. Anarchy seems to be the order of the day. The police in Moscow make about $800 a month and bribery is the norm. What a wild west country, Russian mafia controls the country, politicians are all corrupt and anyone who is at all different is subject to attacks, muggings, and worse.

  13. mikeyDe says:

    Suddenly no police on the street? Too busy enjoying free donuts and coffee, calculating their salary and benefits in support of the kleptocracy. Oops, wrong country.

  14. Indigo says:

    Russia is not a nice place for anyone to be these days.

  15. John Garber says:

    ” . . . ‘ThoughT’ they were Gay.”, John?

  16. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    It’s hard to see what is going on in the video, but what I can make out is horrible. I really can’t understand this. This is more than Russia’s anti-gay laws. Those are hateful people.

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