First thoughts on Mozilla’s anti-gay CEO resigning

Brendan Eich, the would-be CEO of Mozilla (the makers of Firefox), has resigned after just 11 days in the position.

Although most of the news stories were noting Eich’s 2008 $1000 donation for the pro-Prop 8 campaign (the one that banned same-sex marriage in California after it having been legal for months), others were beginning to notice that Eich has a rather self-revealing pattern of donating to far-right politicians as well.

According to FEC records, he’s given $2100 to CA-4’s rabidly anti-gay (and anti-everything progressive) GOP Rep. Tom McClintock, between 2008 and 2010. GOPer Linda Smith, another Eich campaign donation recipient, said “homosexuality is a morally unfit inclination.”

Brendan Eich, official Mozilla Foundation photo

Brendan Eich, official Mozilla Foundation photo, with some embellishments.

Eich also donated to Ron Paul in ’96 and ’98 ($2500), according to another story in the Guardian. And $1000 to Pat Buchanan in ’91 and ’92.

In 1990, a year before Eich’s first donation to his campaign, Buchanan said in relation to the (AIDs) outbreak that “our promiscuous homosexuals appear literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide”. A a few years earlier he said “homosexuals have declared war on nature, and now nature is exacting an awful retribution”.

When asked by the Guardian for a response or to clarify whether or not he still agreed with Buchanan’s positions on homosexuality, Eich declined to answer.

And as for Ron Paul… well, he’s long been dogged by accusations of espousing both racist and homophobic views, particularly in the newsletter that bore his name.

I stand by my observation and considered opinion that people don’t donate to the campaigns of politicians whose views they don’t agree with. And Eich sure does seem to have a predilection for the gay-haters.

Oh, also, OKCupid’s rather public boycott of Firefox, as well as reports of a brewing Mozilla employee insurrection might’ve contributed to Eich’s departure.

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