What happens when a guy asks random guys for a date (video)

Gutsy. This guy decided to shoot a video of what happens when he asks random guys on the street for a date.


He really went diverse – young, old, black, white, foreigners, you name it.

It was sometimes painful to watch, for me at least. I was brought up in a generation where you just assumed everybody was straight, and that if you got it wrong… well, it wasn’t always safe to get it wrong.  There’s a reason a lot of us developed gaydar.  For our survival.

The responses were really interesting. Most guys reacted well, it was California after all. One African guy went all Bible-thumpy on him. A few “not gay” guys decided it would be fun to experiment. That was kind of fun too.

And the last guy was a jerk. But the pick-up guy’s reaction was priceless.


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