What happens when a woman asks random women for dates on the street (video)

I’d posted a video yesterday of a guy asking random men on the street for dates, while a friend filmed it, just to see how they’d react.

Today, you get the female version, in which a cute young woman stops women at random and asks for their phone number.


The guy version didn’t go badly, for the most part, but the woman version clearly went better. (Not that this is necessarily a representative sample of society at large.) I’m told this is in Santa Barbara, CA, but am not sure.

I’m also not sure if there are any large lessons to be learned from this, but it is interesting to watch. As one guy noted on Facebook, if you had tried this (as a guy) 20 years ago, you’d have likely been beaten up, a lot.

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21 Responses to “What happens when a woman asks random women for dates on the street (video)”

  1. cole3244 says:

    you ladies rock, men who are threatened by homosexuality are intriged to say the least by lesbianism or dare i say turned on by the thought.

  2. Gindy51 says:

    I remember back when I was single 20 something in the mid ’80’s, I was always flattered when women asked me out or to dance. Being a straight female, I turned them down but always thanked them and said I was very flattered by their attention. Several of these lovely ladies became great friends and are still so to this day.

  3. Yalma Cuder-Zicci says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Issues?

  4. cole3244 says:

    we agrees but you have issues, i will that you battle that out with yourself let me know how that comes out.

  5. Yalma Cuder-Zicci says:

    I think we’re addressing different issues. I agree with you that men in general are more prone to be threatened by homosexuality. We’ve known that for a long time, no? But the worst responses from the men come from a demographic not represented in the gal/gal video. As someone trained in science, I think comparisons should be done when there are controls, that’s all.

  6. cole3244 says:

    actually that makes my point even more since you would think attractive young single white females would have even more reasons to be offended, as i said they are not threatened by homosexuality.
    if all the men asked were similar to the women i’m sure their reactions would not have been as understanding as the ladies, heterosexual men especially insecure ones are threatened by homosexuality and thanks for helping me make my point.

  7. ROWLF says:

    If a guy asked the same think the answer would be no 99.9%. of the time. If a man tell’s a women she is pretty it’s like you’re asking a women for sex.

  8. Yalma Cuder-Zicci says:

    Because of the differences in the way the two clips were done, you really can’t compare them. The girl only approached single, young, white, fit, attractive twenty-somethings. The guy was all over the place, and seemed to be picking some of his targets for maximum awkwardness.

  9. Yalma Cuder-Zicci says:

    No, there were others up for water testing. There was the first guy, a blond guy who was with his girlfriend, and another hot, dark-haired single guy.

  10. SkippyFlipjack says:

    I agree, would have been better if they’d had some making out.

  11. Tone says:

    All the str8 men within earshot become aroused at the slightest possibility of girl on girl action.

  12. cole3244 says:

    yes but the black community as a whole will not understand his reaction because it is as anti gay as any portion of our society, very sad i must say.

  13. paaat says:

    Well, I can confirm this is Santa Barbara. The girl’s video was apparently shot entirely at Santa Barbara City College, here: https://www.google.com/maps/@34.4034548,-119.700481,130m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

    Part of the guys video was also shot on State St, the main touristy drag, and some of their other videos look to be shot at UC Santa Barbara, where I went to school, a buhzillion years ago.

    *SIGH* … so hard to go to college in a beach resort town … with perfect weather… year round…

  14. SkippyFlipjack says:

    this video is SO HOT

  15. Matt Rogers says:

    I just saw it. Thanks :-)

  16. Matt Rogers says:

    I’m still not seeing it :-/

  17. Indigo says:

    Absolutely fascinating! I love how California society has evolved. Maybe in Seattle it’d be cool or in the Big Apple but here in shoot-first Florida, I’d expect a Zimmerman . . . bang! bang!

  18. Though the other (rather hot) black guy was the only who wanted to test the waters ;-)

  19. That was odd. Sorry about that, it’s fixed now.

  20. Matt Rogers says:

    I’m not seeing the women’s video, only the guys’.

  21. cole3244 says:

    its obvious testosterone makes people more likely to be an a$$hole, also the two worst reactions came from a black man and a disabled man people who you would think would know better from their own experiences.

    the women’s reactions were sweet and sensitive too bad men can’t be as understanding of course women aren’t insecure enough too be threatened by someone who is gay.

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