Gay marriage legalized in Pennsylvania by Santorum’s judge!

It’s happened again. Another day, another state has legalized gay marriage. This time, Pennsylvania.

In a lawsuit brought by the ACLU, a federal judge in Pennsylvania today struck down the state’s “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA), which bans gay marriages.

Just yesterday, the same thing happened in Oregon, and a slew of gay couples went off and tied the knot.

This is the 18th consecutive court victory for gay marriage advocates since the Supreme Court’s momentous decision in US v. Windsor last June, striking down a key provision of the federal DOMA.

The tricky party now is that there’s a 3-day waiting period for receiving a marriage license, though gay couples should be able to apply for them immediately. And while this judge did not issue a stay, an appellate court could. The ACLU says, however, that a judge can waive the 3-day period if (s)he wants. If in fact marriages commence in Pennsylvania, the state will become the 19th to legalize the marriages of gay couples, along with the District of Columbia.  And in fact, it appears the wedding licenses are already being granted!

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Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, is defending the ban, and is likely to appeal. So the question is whether the appellate court issues a stay, and how quickly it does so.

The Judge in this case, John E. Jones, is a George W. Bush appointee.  He was recommended to Bush by former Republican Senator, and erstwhile GOP presidential candidate, Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum.  Oh the irony.

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