Ralph Reed compares gay marriage to slavery, hired by MSNBC parent Comcast

MSNBC’s parent company Comcast has reportedly hired religious right leader Ralph Reed to advocate for them on Capitol Hill, according to a report by Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade.

Reed is best known for forming and running the once-powerful Christian Coalition. Reed continues to be an advocate for the far-right today, and only just last week appeared to compare gay marriage to slavery.

It’s ironic that MSNBC would be tied to Reed, as the network sought to position itself as the liberal counterpart to Fox News.

Johnson reports:

Just last week, Reed, during the annual Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, made the striking comparison of federal court rulings in favor of same-sex marriage to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case, which affirmed slavery rights in the United States.

Ralph Reed, by Gage Skidmore.

Ralph Reed, by Gage Skidmore.

“Anybody heard lately that we’re losing the marriage issue? Anybody heard that argument? You notice some similarities?” he said. “I’m not comparing slavery to same-sex marriage, OK? I’m just pointing out that when you have these fights, what’s interesting is that if you look at same-sex marriage, it’s now legal in 17 states.”

“Only six of them, six out of those 17, six out of 50 states, had done it by referendum or by state legislature,” Reed continued. “In every other case, it was imposed by courts. Just like the courts had to impose Dred Scott. Because they couldn’t do it on the country because the country didn’t agree with it. The country, by the way, doesn’t agree with same-sex marriage.”

Dred Scott was a slave who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom.  One has to admire Reed’s admonition that he’s not comparing gay marriage to slavery, while then going ahead and invoking slavery anyway.

Johnson says Reed’s firm has been working for Comcast for nearly a decade.

You might recall that a few years back, Microsoft got itself into a similar hotspot by hiring Reed and his firm and then, for unexplained reasons, the company suddenly backed off its longtime component to gay civil rights.  After AMERICAblog exposed Reed’s previously-unknown connection to Microsoft, the contract ended.

No word on what Reed’s specific role has been at Comcast, though you might recall that the company significantly dragged its feet during the brouhaha a few years back when the Chamber of Commerce, which Comcast sits on, successfully repealed gay and trans civil rights protections in Tennessee.  And progressive never could understand why MSNBC was so unfriendly to lead progressive blogger Markos Moulitsas, and then famed commentator Keith Olbermann, who was fired by the network.  Some claim MSNBC has a longer history of antipathy to the left.

The news of Reed’s involvement with the Comcast/MSNBC empire will likely not allay those concerns.

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34 Responses to “Ralph Reed compares gay marriage to slavery, hired by MSNBC parent Comcast”

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  5. BeccaM says:

    What, you’re gonna give him a room in your basement?! No no — to get the real flavor and savor of slavery, knock together a leaky wooden shack. Floor is entirely optional, as is furniture.

    Then suspend him by the arms from a nearby tree and beat him bloody until he answers to whatever new name you care to give him. If any. If he still shows any sign of spiritedness or rebellion, go ahead and torture him some more. You can even castrate him if you like.

    If you need some inspiration on proper slave treatment, cue up “12 Years a Slave” on the DVD player.

    Finally, be sure he knows he will not merely be an indentured servant, but will die in captivity, as your slave.

    After he’s completely broken, then ask him if slavery is the same as letting gay people get married.

  6. cleos_mom says:

    OK Ralph, honey, let’s do an experiment:

    Declare yourself the indentured servant of myself and The Husband for, say, six months; all during the warm season. After cleaning the house, cooking our meals and washing the dishes you can then start on hand-pulling every single ragweed plant in our c. 12 acres of pasture. Then you can get a few hours of sleep on the floor of the old coal storage room in our basement.

    Then get back to us about that marriage-equality-as-slavery thingy.

  7. PeteWa says:

    I’ve always thought it foolish to not have public utilities.

  8. BeccaM says:

    Aye…and that’s also why I felt bad for the technician who came by here not just once but twice to break the bad news that we couldn’t possibly get the 20Mbps that CenturyLink kept assuring us was available.

    It wasn’t his fault he was sent out on a half dozen jobs every week, and told to set up something that just wasn’t possible — and then have to deal with the ire of customers who simply could not be given what the company kept telling them was available.

    I’ve been thinking more and more that we really do need to go back to the days when certain services were public utilities.

  9. BeccaM says:

    The reason? Because far too many Americans honestly believe this is the BEST country there ever was or is or will be.

    As a direct consequence of this false conceit, it’s presumed we must therefore have the best of everything — the best Internet, the best tech, the best healthcare system, etc.

    That’s the biggest scam of all.

  10. Butch1 says:

    Of all the people, why him? Is Comcast really that right wing and christian evangelical?

  11. Houndentenor says:

    How are they allowed to advertise speeds they can’t deliver? For my Verizon phone my area supposedly has 4G. They do, about half the time. The rest it’s 3G and occasionally 1x (whatever that is). When I mention this in the store (about 2 miles from my apartment) they act shocked. (There must be some serious acting training for their surprised face because it’s professional level acting but as I use my phone all over town, I know that the 4G isn’t consistent anywhere so they are obviously lying.)

    We have the slowest internet speeds in the first world. Let’s think about this. America brought the world the internet and we’re the country where the service is the worst. Why don’t we demand that Congress address this? Well first we’d need a superpac and money to bribe all of them. It’s expensive to get anything done these days. Meanwhile the head of the FCC is a former Telecom lobbyist. It’s not like the Democrats are any better than the Republicans when it comes to Telecom corruption. It was also the Clintons that promised us that the late 90s Telecom bill would make our cable rates go down. They didn’t. They lied. I’m sick of the entire political class. Fuck, I’m starting to sound like Bill Perdue! I hate when that happens!!!

  12. PeteWa says:

    “We’ve asked and they have no plans to replace or upgrade the equipment or wiring.”

    used to have the same issue at my old apartment. they had no problem charging us for the speed that we never, ever got. and they would blather on about the wiring issue as if it were somehow completely disconnected from their business.
    basically we are somehow expected to do all the hardware upgrades for them, and still let them charge us for essentially doing nothing outside of flipping a switch that says “on”.
    the most frustrating part is that where I live the city has already done more than 90% of the work required to provide us all with internet at much, much higher speeds, for a fraction of the cost.
    but they won’t interfere with the corporate monopolies.

  13. Thom Allen says:

    And the goat was an atheist. Worse yet, the goat was part of a herd so it was polygygoaty,

  14. jm2 says:

    the Comcast/MSNBC ‘marriage’ has been questionable from the start. Comcast would turn MSNBC into the the next Fox & put Scarborough as their lead! btw, Ralph Reed gives revisionists. Bad name!

  15. BeccaM says:

    I’ll say this much: A thorough search on Google shows no instances of Ralph Reed denying he does not now nor ever has blown goats. Nor any statements condemning the practice.

    We report; you decide.

  16. Bill_Perdue says:

    Some keep defending them.

  17. ComradeRutherford says:

    No one thinks for one second that Comcast is a Liberal Media outlet, right?

  18. BeccaM says:

    Sadly, I hate CenturyLink. Even though they keep bombarding us with fliers advertising blazing fast DSL speeds and inviting us to upgrade, the local technician — a talented by exasperated former veteran — has said repeatedly that the best we can hope for is 1.5Mbps (usually effectively about half that). And because the copper lines in our area are so crappy and worn out, even that’s iffy and it often loses connection.

    We’ve asked and they have no plans to replace or upgrade the equipment or wiring.

    There is no Comcast here, so the only alternative is through a small WiFi company that thankfully has been able to get us 10Mbps through a tower. We did keep the DSL line though as a back-up, which has been needed a few times.

  19. pappyvet says:

    Its worse than that Sis.

    I have it on the sly that the goat was ,{ brace yourself} black

  20. FLL says:

    John, your exposure got Ralph Reed fired once before (by Microsoft). Keep at it. It would be fun if it worked a second time and Reed got fired by Comcast.

  21. Bill_Perdue says:

  22. Houndentenor says:


    If only we were this powerful lobby that could steamroll our agenda (whatever that is) through any legislature or court.

  23. Elijah Shalis says:

    I should call Comcast and ask for yet another discount because I shouldn’t be supporting this guy.

  24. PeteWa says:

    Ralph Reed, who should be in jail alongside Abramoff, who should still be serving a long, long sentence.
    Yeah, nice job comcast.

  25. nicho says:

    And while we’re on the subject, every Catholic bishop is a lobbyist for a foreign government — the Vatican. And every bishop takes a solemn oath of allegiance to the head of that foreign government — the pope — and swears to put the desires of the pope and the doctrines of the foreign government ahead of the laws of the United States. How many of those bishops have registered as agents of a foreign government?

  26. BeccaM says:

    I’m not saying that Ralph Reed blows goats. I’m just pointing out he has that indisputable goat blowing look about him, and what’s interesting is how many men similar to himself turn out to be goat-blowers.

    In most cases, there’s a degree of shame involved, but Reed is right out there, every day, acting like there’s nothing wrong with goat blowing, even though lots of people object to such practices. The country, by the way, doesn’t agree with goat blowing.*

    (* = At no point did I say or even mean to imply that Ralph Reed actually does blow goats. In the absence of hard evidence, such as photographs, videos, or an abundance of unexplained goat jizz on the lapels of his expensive tailored suits, it would be wrong to compare or equate Reed with compulsive goat blowers. But on the other hand, it would be irresponsible not to speculate.** Especially since whenever he talks, all I ever hear is “B-a-a-aaaa!”)

    (**=What is not a matter of speculation is Reed’s involvement, and that of his group the Christian Coalition, in an Indian casinos lobbying scandal, Reed also failed to register as a lobbyist as required by law, but avoided prosecution only because the statute of limitations had expired. That he’s now lobbying for the most hated cable/broadband provider in America comes as no surprise… Goat blower or not, it’s clear that Reed’s real god is named Mammon.)

  27. LanceThruster says:

    You’d think the ‘eternal reward’ he thinks he’s in line for would be enough to keep him from grifting so manically here on earth.

  28. petewestcentral says:

    Not off topic! Nate Silver at 538.com had projected that Indiana voters supporting same-sex marriage would be in the majority around 2016. So the court decision happens to be in line with the trending will of the people. Indiana legislators who pushed hard for a constitutional amendment said that it was now or never because they knew that the next congress would not support it. Reed says the country doesn’t agree with same-sex marriage but he admitted in spite of himself that the country has changed its tune. Now, about marriage as slavery… Well, anyway, best wishes to Hoosiers who are tying the knot!

  29. Bose says:

    CenturyLink has been my provider in my small town (12K pop) for 2 years. While it does play the bundling game (but has to collaborate with satellite firms for TV), its rates have been fair and predictable for internet-only service ($30-$50/mo, 40% price break for 12 mo., then full price as specified at sign-up). (I used to be a tv-on-all-the-time guy, but since weaning myself, I can’t stand traditional TV any more.) Internet service with CenturyLink has been remarkably consistent, decent speed and a fraction of the outages of the other two options here (Mediacom and a regional co.).

  30. Naja pallida says:

    Damn that liberal media!

  31. If we had the power the religious right claims we had this would never have happened. I wish we could organize a campaign against comcast to get them to terminate the bigot.

  32. pliny says:

    The problem is that in many areas, Comcast is the only realistic option for internet access. That said, I’m pretty sure there’s I spotted a CenturyLink cabinet on the other side of my neighbors house. I think I’m going to be doing some calling around come payday….

  33. Thom Allen says:

    Kinda off topic but maybe not:

    #1 Indiana now has same-sex marriage, order not stayed, Marion County (Indianapolis) is ready to immediately begin issuing marriage licenses!
    #2 10th Circuit just struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage! But the jurists stayed their order.

  34. Houndentenor says:

    Yet another reason to ditch cable. The sooner that price-gouging, Congress-bribing industry collapses the better for us all.

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