Catholic Charities, Rick Warren, ask Obama for right to use fed funds to discriminate against gays

Right-wing religious activists are wasting no time in their ongoing attempt to gut the civil rights of gays and lesbians in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision this week in the Hobby Lobby case.”

The court ruled that crafts chain Hobby Lobby is a “person” entitled to disobey federal law based on its “religion.”

We’ve written before about Catholic Charities’ ongoing jihad against gay Americans.  And Rick Warren’s role in the Proposition 8 fiasco is already well-documented.

God hates windbags.

God hates windbags.

Well, Catholic Charities and Warren have now launched a campaign to gut the impending executive order banning employment discrimination against gay and trans people working for federal contractors.

The groups are asking President Obama to include in the executive order a religious exemption that has already caused deep concern in the gay community, even before Hobby Lobby.

And now that the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people who can not only practice religions, but who are permitted to violate any federal law that they claim offends their religion, what is to stop religious right bigots from simply declaring that hiring gays, Jews, blacks or Muslims (or women, for that matter), is an affront to their religion?

Don’t forget, the Mormons, for example, have long-standing issues with blacks.

The Baptists, in addition to a history of racism, have rather interesting positions on the non-role of women in business.

And then there’s Catholic Charities’ ongoing willingness to hold children hostage in order to advance its anti-gay agenda.  (Catholic Charities also tried to hold Latinos hostage.)

If groups like Catholic Charities, that suck at the government teet to the tune of nearly $3 billion a year, are now claiming that the work they do for the government somehow involves their religion, then some rather hard questions need to be asked about why the US government is funding religion at all.

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