“Homosexuality does not exist in a conservative community such as South Williamsport”

Welcome to South Williamsport, Pennsylvania — the only place in America, outside of the Inhofe family, where there are no gays in the village.

You see, the superintendent of South Williamsport Junior Senior High School (“junior senior”? sounds kind of bi to me), recently canceled the school’s production of the Broadway hit “Spamalot” because the show, he supposedly said, is too gay for a town that has no gays.

According to local news channel WNEP: “[T]he director of [the] drama department, Dawn Burch says school officials are making the drama department choose another show. Burch says school officials dropped the musical because of its homosexual themes, according to an email she says she received.” Though in an update to the story, WNEP now claims the email never contained that message. Heck of a claim for WNEP’s reporter to have just pulled out of thin air.

WNEP continues: “In that email, Burch says the principal wrote that homosexuality does not exist in a conservative community such as South Williamsport. We spoke with community and students who go to the school. They say that’s not true.”

Sing it, sister.

So, curious about this notion that South Williamsport, PA has no gays, I did a little checking on some of the more popular virtual gay hangouts, and what do you know — the gay!


It looks like the entire town of South Williamsport may need to be canceled.

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