BBC cuts Asian broadcast of lesbian “Dr. Who” kiss between human and lizard

The BBC censored a recent “Dr. Who” episode, cutting a scene of a lizard woman giving alien-mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a human woman, after concerns that the broadcast might violate Asian broadcast standards against public homosexuality on television.

The SCMP reports that the scene was cut from broadcasts in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


Dr. Who’s kinda sorta lesbian kiss between a woman and a female lizard person.

I stopped watching “Dr. Who” about the time he got his latest assistant, but apparently the lizard woman and the human woman are “wives,” so even though the kiss was for “medical reasons” — and even though the relationships was between a woman and a lizard — it was still too gay for Asian censors.

Because in Asia, bestiality is only for opposite sex partners?

At least the BBC thinks so.

Madame Vastra (left) and her wife Jenny Flint (right), on "Dr. Who."

Madame Vastra (left) and her wife Jenny Flint (right), on “Dr. Who.”

Not that we don’t indulge in our silly season in America when it comes to what’s acceptable on television. Still, it says something when a broadcast network is willing to censor itself on a human rights issue — and let’s face it, gay civil rights are human rights, and if the Asian censors don’t like it, they can pull “Dr. Who” entirely.

What other minorities will the BBC be censoring next?

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