Two women, in their 90s, marry in Iowa after 72 years together

Vivian Boyack, 91, and Alice “Nonie” Dubes, 90, married in Davenport, Iowa this weekend.

The women have been together for 72 years.

The local paper reports that the two have traveled to all 50 states, to Canada, and to England, twice.

I was curious to see what the comments would be on the local paper’s Web site. Most were pretty good. Here are a few:

“This story made me smile. Bless their hearts!”

“72 years of sin is still SIN. May they come to know Christ before they take their last breaths.”

Then this response: “My aren’t we judgmental.”

Or this: “I’m Christian and would rather spend eternity with these two ladies than with some of the hateful, self righteous, judgmental “Christians” on this blog.”

“Can’t believe u ppl are condoning this smh god intended on Adam & eve not this.”

“Ms. Boyack was my 3rd grade teacher at Grant School. She was a WONDERFUL teacher. Congratulations to both of them!”

Gays really have put anti-gays in a conundrum. For decades, their entire argument was based on the “fact” that we were promiscuous perverts. And now we all want to get married, which is kind of the opposite of promiscuous pervert.

So the anti-gays had to find a new reason to oppose us — the children, or something. And it’s not working.

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