A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” Fox News host, join hate-group-sponsored anti-gay rally

Phil and Alan Robertson, of A&E’s show “Duck Dynasty,” will join Fox News host Todd Starnes at an anti-gay rally sponsored by an officially-designated “hate group.”

The rally, called “I Stand Sunday,” is sponsored by the “Family Research Council,” an organization officially-designated as a “hate group” a few years back, and that has a long history of disseminating faux-science in order to harm gays and lesbians.

The rally is directed at Houston’s mayor, Anise Parker, who is openly-gay.

It’s also an interesting coincidence that the Family Research Council is holding this rally — I’m sorry, it’s a “church service” — only two days before the all-important mid-term elections that will decide who controls the US Senate. Apparently A&E stands for “anti-gay electioneering.”


GOP Cong. Lindsey Graham proudly poses with Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson who is desecrating the American flag before the State of the Union.

GOP Cong. Lindsey Graham proudly poses with Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson who is desecrating the American flag before the State of the Union.

In a nutshell, a local Republican party leader sued the city of Houston recently over a new civil rights ordinance covering gays and transgender people that 5 local churches want repealed, even though they were exempt from the ordinance. The churches launched a petition drive to put the matter on the ballot, and ended up not reaching the necessary number of signatures after the city found that they incorrectly filled out the forms. They’re particularly incensed that the city initially said they had enough signatures, until the city later realized the forms did not meet the city’s legal requirements for voter initiatives.

One of the key issues in the lawsuit is whether the churches knew the appropriate rules, and it appears from video evidence that at least one church did know the rules. So when the city, as part of the discovery process, subpoenaed information about what the other four churches knew, the GOP and its allies cried foul.

Of course, the problem for the churches is that they decided to enter the political process, then they apparently broke the rules, then their GOP allies sued the city, and now they’re complaining about, and claiming that they’re exempt from, what is standard procedure for a lawsuit: the discovery process.

City attorney David Feldman explains:

“If you’re going to use a church for a political process, then any communications that are made are just as subject to discovery as if you did it in a commercial building,” Feldman told me. “They chose to do it at churches. I didn’t tell them to do that. And it’s fine, except you can’t engage in a political activity at a church and pursue litigation regarding that and then hide behind the separation of church and state for not producing anything.”

But never wanting to miss an opportunity to grandstand on an issue affecting gays, a gay mayor — coincidentally only two days before a major election — nearly the entire Republican party noise machine has entered the fray, including A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” a Fox News host, and religious right anti-gay activist Benham Brothers (the son of anti-abortion loon Flip Benham) who recently compared gay Americans to the terror group ISIS.

While it’s no surprise that Fox News might have little problem having its name on the Web page of a hate group’s anti-gay rally, it is odd that A&E has no problem with “Duck Dynasty” being emblazoned on the same page.

You’ll recall that this isn’t the first time A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” showed its anti-gay colors. And it looks like it won’t be Duck Dynasty’s last.

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31 Responses to “A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” Fox News host, join hate-group-sponsored anti-gay rally”

  1. David Howe says:

    I think it’s clearly that Ted Cruz is an anti-gay bigot. I fail to see the problem here. Except with you, defending one of the worst people in the country.

  2. David Howe says:

    There was no bashing. No rights were violated.

  3. David Howe says:

    This country was NOT formed under Judeo-Christian values.

    Firstly, the expression “Judeo-Christian” is a recent invention. Jews were deliberately excluded from American government until quite recently.

    Secondly, the Constitution is not a Christian document and bears no resemblance whatsoever to Christian doctrine. The USA was based on Classical Values.

    And what are the moral values that this country as diverged from? I’d like to see a list, please.

  4. Butch1 says:

    When people such as Ted Cruz think you should be put to death, how can any thinking person treat them with respect when they are gay? I respect myself too much. He doesn’t deserve my respect until he changes his ways and thoughts about gays.

  5. Butch1 says:

    Wrong answer and you are on the wrong blog if you think that.

  6. Butch1 says:

    That is the conundrum. You probably would find it ironic that I not bash, but call out people and specific religions who make it a point to hide behind their religion to promote hate to advance their agenda. I can assume you are straight because it does not affect you, if it did you would be more sensitive towards the issue of gay rights and what Ted Cruz and Huckabee does when they constantly go after gays when ever they can. That is why I do not feel the need to hold back and be kind to them whatsoever. Cruz has tried to pass anti-gay bills ever since he was made a senator. If any man has an agenda it is this man. If you do not know anything about his religion, do a little research. He belongs to the Dominion sect. They are rabidly anti-gay and believe gays should all be rounded up and put to death. I kid you not. The religion would also like to turn this country from a democratic-republic into a theocracy as well. This man has a much bigger agenda and the fact that he is using the “anti-gay bashing card” to win the White House is no coincidence. You may want me to play nice, but I see no need to.

    When these people use religion to promote their real agenda the gloves come off and they need to be exposed for what and whom they are. You should take another look at the Constitution.

  7. GBPackerFan says:

    The way you treat people is a reflection on you and not on them.
    If you treat people with respect then your arguments and positions are more credible and understandable. Without respect there can be no meaningful discussion or conveyance of positions.
    I do not agree with all the positions that a fundamentalist preacher would espouse but I certainly do respect them and want to understand their basis. I have seen Mike Huckabee direct removal of inappropriate language and statements from his own organization because they were offensive.

  8. 4trucks says:

    Calm down,GB,you can can still take a brat up the arss without having A FIT.

  9. 4trucks says:

    Because they are correct,

  10. GBPackerFan says:

    You have brought up several points. First, tax exempt status is provided to numerous highly political organizations. Some are religious, some are unions, and there are many other categories like many charities with a particular agendas (which often tend to be political). Each is a special interest group and having a political opinion is not really a legitimate basis for or against tax exemption or they all lose it. With that said, I have no issue with removing tax exempt status from all organizations although that is a different subject.
    Second, yes this country and many of the governing documents had major influences from the Judeo-Christian doctrine including religious leaders involved in the writing of those documents and doctrines. Pretending they were not is amusing but not factual. I agree that the intent was to ensure religious freedom although much of the driver was different variants of Christianity and the strict or forceful nature of some. That approach has served us well with the blossoming of other religions in the country and of non-religions.
    Third, of course gays and atheists have moral standards. The standards vary by religion or non-religion as the case may be but everyone has their standards as does each form of religion. These standards will never be consistent but that doesn’t make one right and one wrong. My belief is government should take a hands off approach to the extent practical and to the extent the “moral” issue at question does not impact others’ rights. It starts to get blurred with some issues like abortion which is a mother’s decision but affects another life…but that other life is part of the mother. Hence the conundrum and another topic of debate. Every person has their own personal moral standards and they are all different.
    In summary I find it mildly ironic that you publically bash groups you disagree with because they are publicly bashing the groups they disagree with. Haha, you could so easily have been one as you exhibit the same behavior.

  11. Butch1 says:

    All the more reason to remove their tax exempt status in my opinion. These places should be for worship and not for political rallies.

    This country was NOT religiously based on Judeo-Christian values like you think. Many christians would like to rewrite history. People came to this country to escape religious persecution so they could practice their own brand of faith. That got out of hand as could be expected when the powerful in them forced their will. Those who didn’t like it could escape and venture out on their own, which was a harder life.

    Our forefathers wrote this Constitution with the thought to keep religion safely out of the government unlike England. It isn’t based upon it. They didn’t want to go through that again. They made it so Every religion would be safe to be practiced without government interference or not be practiced which was also inferred and many religious people today cannot get that through their thick skulls. They think it is only a one-way street.

    What you do not understand is that morals do not have to come with religion. Atheists have morals as well as gays. To think that it is only an amenity of the religious faith is insulting to both gays and atheists.

    When churches are out to influence elections they are out of the purview of what the tax exempt status was originally designed to cover. You cannot have it both ways.

  12. Butch1 says:

    I could choose worse language. I am biased about Ted Cruz and Huckabee. Both are anti gay and I do not feel the need to be nice about them. Both have anti-gay agendas.

    Give me a good reason to be nice about them: I’m listening.

  13. GBPackerFan says:

    Churches are and always have been political. The government (most governments) have always been religiously biased (ours was formed under Judeo-Christian values). As the country diverges from the moral values of the past it is logical to expect a divergence of opinion. Ideally the government should protect the rights of all people to the extent they do not harm others but that always becomes challenging as people willing to take a balanced view are rare (or just don’t want to be a part of the inevitable viciousness).

  14. GBPackerFan says:

    Based upon your vicious language I am confident you are far more biased than those you assault. Still you get attention by your exaggeration…which I think is the big problem with our current politics and politicians. It is far easier to rant than to have an intelligent discussion and more folks listen to the rants (on either side).

  15. carla874 says:

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  16. Butch1 says:

    You can always count on that huckster Huckabee showing up to one of these events. What does surprise me is why Ted Cruz is absent? That rabid anti-gay bigot is usually at every event rearing his ugly head whenever he has the chance; this is his agenda.

  17. Butch1 says:

    CNN has a tendency to lean to the right a little too much for my tastes especially on Sunday morning talk shows. (Candy Crowley, for example) There are other hosts who do as well. MSNBC leans a bit more to the left and there are the Obama cheerleaders there, which bother me.

    If you want less “entertainment news” watch the BBC or CBC, something other than American stations. There are fewer “talking head experts” and opinions on these stations and one actually can get some news rather than the usual droning away on “Ebola, who was the latest shooting victim or the shooter and the old standby, the scary ISIS. It gets tedious when there really is other news going on that we miss. One also gets tired of the media leading the voters with telling them that the republicans ARE going to take over the Senate in so many days. When they continue doing that it reinforces the future and many democrats will not show up to vote thinking “what’s the use, since their vote won’t matter anyway.” I do think this has been the plan all along and we are just watching one big Kabuki Theatre with the government and the media all doing their part as we watch it all.

  18. Butch1 says:

    If churches are going to become this political group ( five work together ) then it’s past time we consider removing their exempt tax status since they have ceased to be a church for religious worship purposes. This has gone on long enough and hiding behind religion to promote your hatred is enough and the best way to handle these homophobic bigots is in their tax-exempt offerings.

  19. vickif says:

    I’m with you.

  20. BeccaM says:

    On the other hand, there are positive stories like these:


    An apparently intoxicated man attacks another passenger who he believes is gay. Within seconds, a number of bystanders leap into action to take the attacker down and hold him until police can handcuff him and lead him away.


    I rather liked this part:

    A number of people rush to intervene as the man is tackled and put on the floor.

    The man in the cowboy hat can be heard saying loudly, “No way! No way, you motherfucker. You ain’t doin’ that fucking shit, motherfucker.”

    I want to buy that guy in the hat a beer. And the rest of those guys, too.

  21. Thom Allen says:

    “. . . if these type of people make it into heaven, God ain’t worth worshipping.” Perfectly said!

  22. emjayay says:

    Yes, but that’s on a specifically liberal cable network which I watch online anyway. I’m talking about the supposedly nonpartisan general purpose news, like network nightly news and CNN. It would be a lot different if nonpartisan sites called them out for their poor reporting and violating journalistic norms and rabble rousing and extreme partisanship. Maybe a daily Supposedly Serious Women On TV News Sitting On Tall Stools Wearing Miniskirted Cocktail Dresses count, with extra points for being blonde.
    You know, just the facts.

    This would not only be a nonpartisan public service, but gain a lot of attention to these outlets. Obviously anyone who is the least bit serious about being a journalist sees Fox for the crapfest pretending to be journalism that it is, but they are all afraid of saying it. It not only misleads the public intentionally but lowers esteem of journalism in general, not to mention of the political process.

  23. Indigo says:

    So that’s what Christianity is about. I’ve often wondered.

  24. BeccaM says:

    I see some other notable attendees: The notoriously homophobic Benham brothers. And Mike Huckabee.

  25. Jim Olson says:

    Actually, Chris Hays and Rachel Maddow do a fair amount of reporting on FOX news nonsense on their two shows on MSNBC. I don’t watch much else on television. Though I do consume a lot of news from a variety of other sources.

  26. Oh, even better, I thought it was this weekend, will update

  27. emjayay says:

    Isn’t the time for network news and CNN to start reporting on the Fox Reactionary Right Wing Rabble Rousing channel? With the rise of the internet as 24/7 news source, even right there on your phone, these sources have become largely irrelevant because they have kept doing what they did before. If I were in charge of one of these, I’d see about reporting on the village idiot news version and other new angles on the news instead of restricting themselves to moew or less he same old concept. Give people some reason to notice and actually watch.

  28. annAnnMOwenann says:

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  29. keirmeister says:

    I’m really at the point where I have no tolerance for Right-Wingers anymore. Look at that list of confirmed speakers…just an all-white list of hate-filled bigots (plus someone who looks suspiciously like Osama bin Laden), smiling with the knowledge that they are the CHOSEN people, no matter how many other people they hurt.

    Frankly, if these type of people make it into heaven, God ain’t worth worshipping.

  30. DTNorth says:

    Ah “Religious Freedom”

    The “deemed” right to restrict service and bash others with your bibles.

    Christians NOT.

  31. HereinDC says:

    John… The “service” is Nov 2nd ..the Elections are Nov 4th. So it’s 2 days before…..NOT 1 week.

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