AP calls it: Creepy Carl DeMaio loses race for US House in San Diego

UPDATE: AP has called it. Creepy Carl DeMaio has lost his race for the US Congress.

Creepy Carl DeMaio, the Republican candidate for Congress from San Diego, has finally lost his battle against Democratic incumbent Scott Peters.

According to the Registrar of Voters, DeMaio, who was slightly ahead on election night, and then was 800 votes behind as of yesterday, is now 4,491 votes behind Peters, with only 10,000 ballots remaining to be counted.

With those numbers, it is nearly impossible for DeMaio to catch up. Which is probably a good thing for the voters of San Diego, the American people, and GOP House Speaker John Boehner.

DeMaio, you see, is currently facing multiple allegations of having publicly masturbated in front of coworkers at the office, including his own staff.

The first accusation came from a Democratic city council member.

Carl DeMaio and his fourth accuser, US Navy veteran Justin Harper.

Carl DeMaio (left) and his fourth accuser, US Navy veteran Justin Harper.

The second and third came from two former DeMaio staffers, both men, both Republican, one gay and one straight.

The latter, Justin Harper, is also a recent veteran of the US Navy.

The fact that both young men are Republicans tends to undermine DeMaio’s ongoing claims that this is all just Democratic dirty tricks.

There is also a fourth allegation that I haven’t been able to nail down the details of — but once you get to three accusations of sexual harassment from three different people, including two of your own employees, the charges become extremely difficult to dismiss out of hand.

As for Speaker Boehner, he’ll likely be singing hallelujah tonight on hearing that DeMaio appears to be history. Boehner doesn’t need DeMaio, he already has a super-majority in the House, even without DeMaio. What’s more, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and after four allegations of sexual harassment, how long will it be until a fifth and sixth alleged victim come forward? And what does Boehner do if one of the alleged victims ends up being under age? Congress is famous for its pages, and the House is famous for its page scandals.

I’m not saying any of this will happen. I’m saying that after hearing four similar allegations, Boehner would be a fool not be concerned.

Carl DeMaio would have been the first gay Republican member of Congress elected for the first time as an openly-gay candidate (other Republican congressman came out, or were outed, after already being elected).

But DeMaio’s candidacy aflame is hardly a great loss for gays. The community can do better than a guy who allegedly repeatedly masturbates in front of his coworkers, and who wasn’t that pro-gay in the first place.

I’m not such a fan of gay Republicans, but even I know they can do better than this.

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