Gay Santa: Saint Nick has a special elf, and some parents are not pleased

There’s a documentary out about the men who play Santa this time of year at malls across America.

The film, called “I am Santa Claus,” comes with a few twists.

One of the Santas being chronicled is professional wrestler Mick Foley.


Another is gay. And that’s caused quite a bit of blowback.

Santa Jim and his "special elf."

Santa Jim and his “special elf.”

Ironically, the entire point of the film is to introduce you to the men who “whose lap your child is sitting on.”

And let’s face it — 99.99% of people who bring their kids to meet Santa have no clue who they’re handing their kids over to.

Is he a drunk?

Wife beater?

Child molester?

Axe murderer?

All distinct possibilities.

But once it’s confirmed that one of the Santas is gay, then suddenly some parents care.

The gay Santa is “Santa Jim.” Here’s his description from the Kickstarter project that funded the movie:

Santa Jim resides in Ft. Worth, TX and is the proud winner of “Mr. Texas Bear Round-Up,” the largest gathering of hairy, overweight, homosexual men in the country. Although retired, he has seasonal work as a Santa. He is in a relationship with a Denver Colorado man 30 years his junior whom he calls “his special elf.”

Responding to the controversy, Mick Foley (who’s been awfully good on gay rights the past several years) had this to say:

“I am a guy who used to go out of my way to make people dislike me for a career. But this is what puts people over the edge?”

Amen, sister.

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