Terry Bean’s creepy (ex) boyfriend Kiah Loy Lawson

On first reading the news that top Democratic donor and gay civil rights advocate, Terry Bean, was arrested for allegedly having sex with an underage teen, something about the charges against Bean just didn’t add up.

As a result, I spent the weekend researching the story, and found a disturbing amount of troubling information about the other man at the center of this controversy, Bean’s now ex-boyfriend Kiah Loy Lawson (who also has been accused of having sex with the teen).

Lawson is so central to the charges against Bean, and his credibility is so tainted by a long record of violence and lawlessness, including a rather lengthy rap sheet, I’m all the more unsure what to believe at this point.

(I’m also surprised that much of the reporting on this story hasn’t mentioned any of Lawson’s disturbing past and present, which includes at least four different arrests for crimes as varied as possession of methamphetamine and a stolen vehicle, a probation violation, and two charges of tampering with evidence. Quite an accomplished list for someone only 25. But we’ll get to all that in a moment.)

This is the first of a series of stories I’ll likely write on this topic. I’ve reached out to Bean for comment; but for the moment, all of the information below is from the public record.

Terry Bean (l) and Kiah Loy Lawson (r) during Christmas of 2013.

Terry Bean (l) and Kiah Loy Lawson (r), Christmas of 2013.

Terry Bean and Kiah Loy Lawson

Terry Bean, age 66, is a longtime lead gay right advocate, in Oregon and nationwide, who helped found both the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, two of the largest and most important civil rights organizations in America.

Bean is also at the center of a rather complicated story involving his now-ex boyfriend, Kiah Loy Lawson, age 25. (And before anything looks askance at the difference in their ages, let’s face it — if it were an older man and a younger woman most (men at least) would call him a lucky dog.)

Bean met Lawson in 2013, and immediately took Lawson under his wing, providing Lawson a free home in one of Bean’s condos, and giving Lawson a $1,600 per month expense account. Bean, a rich and well-connected man, took Lawson with him around the country and the world, including a visit to Washington, DC in which Lawson briefly met President Obama.

Kiah Loy Lawson (r) meets President Obama at a Democratic event in Washington, DC in November of 2013.

Kiah Loy Lawson (r) meets President Obama at a Democratic event in Washington, DC in November of 2013. (From Kiah Loy Lawson’s Facebook page.)

Earlier this year, things began to fall apart between Bean and Lawson. At one point, both men filed restraining orders against each other. (Lawson eventually withdrew his; Bean’s remains in effect.) Lawson claims that his problems with Bean began when he “discovered” that Bean had an alleged secret camera in his bedroom. Bean counters that the camera is part of a security system he installed after being the victim of a theft, that he used it for nothing illegal or improper, and that Lawson’s allegations are part of a larger extortion attempt that Lawson is at the center of.

I have to admit that when I first heard Bean’s “extortion” defense, I said “come on.” But after everything I found on Lawson this weekend, including four recent arrests and an alleged history of violence against former coworkers and boyfriends, I’m now less of a skeptic.

Why Kiah Loy Lawson matters

Before getting to the crux of Lawson’s criminal past, a word about why Kiah Loy Lawson matters.

After all, you might say, this story isn’t about Lawson, it’s about whether or not Terry Bean had relations with a 15-year-old. And that is certainly the most serious charge Bean is facing (one that he denies). But that allegation can’t be separated from the fact that Lawson is the one responsible for putting the police in touch with the teen; Lawson is the person responsible for Bean facing these charges.

And Lawson’s credibility is nonexistent.

It was Lawson, after all, who reportedly gave the police the teen’s phone number. (Oddly, Lawson’s mother now claims that her son never had contact with the teen; that in fact it was Bean who communicated with the kid. So how then did Lawson have the teen’s phone number; and why did he still have it, still keep it, one year after their encounter?)

Bean is suggesting that the underage-sex charge stems from Lawson’s (alleged) larger extortion scheme against him. And the fact that Lawson has a history of alleged vendettas (and violence) against his boyfriends and coworkers certainly doesn’t detract from Bean’s claim.

Meet Kiah Loy Lawson

Let me walk you through Kiah Loy Lawson’s history with the law. I’ve not seen any story to date that reported all of this information.

Lawson graduated from high school in 2007. He has quite literally had run-ins with the law his entire adult life.

2007, Anti-stalking order: “A co-worker of his at the Hollister store in Eugene’s Valley River Center obtained an anti-stalking order against Lawson in 2007, after telling a judge Lawson had threatened him and tried to run him down with a car.”

2008, Protective order: “Lawson’s boyfriend at the time went to court and won a protective order, saying Lawson had a history of ‘criminal behavior and being vengeful,’ according to court records.”

November 2012, Beating boyfriend bloody: “Lawson was accused of breaking down an apartment door and beating another boyfriend, spattering blood on the walls. Lawson later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault.”

January 2013, Theft: “Lawson pleaded guilty to theft after stealing headphones and a PlayStation 3 console from the Hillsboro Best Buy.”

May 2013, Arrested driving without license: “Kiah Loy Lawson, 24, was arrested and jailed on suspicion of driving [with a suspended license].”

August 2013, Arrested probation violation: Kiah Loy Lawson is arrested for a probation violation, and failing to appear in court for his previous license-related arrest.

April 2014, Arrested for possession of meth: Kiah Loy Lawson is arrested at Sea-Tac airport for possession of methamphetamine on his way back from a trip to Hawaii.

August 2014, Arrested for meth, stolen vehicle, tampering with evidence: Kiah Loy Lawson is arrested for unlawful possession of methamphetamine, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Kiah Loy Lawson has no credibility left

Kiah Loy Lawson is central to the case against Terry Bean. And he has a criminal record, and zero credibility.

Terry Bean has a lifelong record of fighting for the civil rights of gays and lesbians, all the way back to the late 1960s, when it was neither the cool, nor the safe, thing to do.

Terry Bean says the charges against him are part of a larger extortion plot that involves Lawson.

Lawson has a record of seeking vengeance. Lawson pled guilty to beating one boyfriend bloody; and has had two separate restraining orders issued against him, one by a former boyfriend, and a second for threats against a coworker.

Putting aside the disturbing nature of the repeated recent meth arrests, and the issue of the stolen vehicle, it’s the two charges of tampering with evidence that I find most salient to this case.

Terry Bean says that he’s being set up for a crime he didn’t commit. Kiah Loy Lawson, who has a record of being accused of seeking vengeance against former boyfriends, has been arrested for two charges of tampering with evidence, which usually means you’re either trying to help someone get away with a crime, or you’re trying to wrongfully get someone convicted of one. That sounds an awful lot like what Terry Bean alleges happened in this case.

I don’t know any more than the rest of you what actually happened back in 2013. (Though I will delve more into that issue in future articles.) I do know that the one person who got this entire accusation rolling is the least credible person in this entire story. And that is why I’m withholding judgment until all the facts are in.

The long-term effects of meth, from DrugAbuse.gov:

In addition to being addicted to methamphetamine, chronic abusers may exhibit symptoms that can include significant anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. They also may display a number of psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects creeping under the skin). Psychotic symptoms can sometimes last for months or years after a person has quit abusing methamphetamine, and stress has been shown to precipitate spontaneous recurrence of methamphetamine psychosis in formerly psychotic methamphetamine abusers.

That’s one heck of a state’s witness.

Terry Bean’s bio and blog here.


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43 Responses to “Terry Bean’s creepy (ex) boyfriend Kiah Loy Lawson”

  1. gerryjim says:

    Right on!

  2. gerryjim says:

    I can look at pictures of Kiah and see that he is trouble, even the so called “stunning” one of him smiling. Kiah can hid his true self all he wants, but anyone who is perceptive can see in time what he is up to. Either Terry isn’t that perceptive or he saw Kiah for what he was and was titillated by it. In either case it shows how shallow Terry is. Terry is not an innocent victim. I

  3. Tysalpha says:

    This is why, however, you don’t even entertain the idea of falling in love with someone 30 or 40 years your junior.

  4. MuffinGirl says:

    These post are funny to read I have read a few. Sorry but I think the man is guilty and I hope they have the gumption to go to the island destination where I have read he partied hard with youngin’s. Be kinda difficult to refute what they say now wouldn’t it? Also I think the camera thing is a bit questionable because it is my understanding that yes there are cameras and they were in plain view, but the one over his BED is the issue. Why on earth would he need security there?

  5. qopyrighter says:

    Can we be honest here and stop using the term “fall in love with” when referring to these homosexual trysts? This animal-like disease-spreading behavior emanates from a sick and perverted mind that is nothing if it is not narcissistic.

  6. qopyrighter says:

    By “date”, you mean you used to orally and anally copulate and exchange bodily fluids with him? Are you one of his many “who-you-love’s” that he surreptitiously caught on his hidden bedroom camera? BTW, do you fully disclose to hundreds of other “Partners” you have that you are a high-risk carrier of HIV/AIDS? I mean, just how delusional can one be? He has NOT spent his whole life dedicated to helping others – he’s a perverted, skeezy child rapist who seeks nothing other than his own sordid sexual gratification (READ: orgasm). Of course, THIS is the essence of homosexuality, or being “gay”.

  7. Rick says:

    “it’s just as likely Terry didn’t know the guys entire past when he started dating.” Oh give me a break, Mr. Aravosis. Honestly, do you think that a guy with a rap sheet like Lawson’s somehow managed to fool Bean into thinking that he, Lawson, was a clean and wholesome young gay man who, for some mysterious reason, by the age of 24 had not gone to college and had not held down a steady job, and didn’t seem to have any plans for his life? Oh yeah, but there is no way anybody, especially Bean, could regard him as an opportunistic, shallow punk ready to bend over for sugar daddies. That’s why Bean gave him a free place to live and a 1,200 a month salary…for what? Writing the great American novel? Even if Bean is not guilty of dallying with a 15 year-old, the judgment of this 66 year-old men with regards to guys he choses to fall in love with needs to be called into question.

  8. SkippyFlipjack says:

    That makes sense, thanks. I’m not familiar with the case and the coverage.

  9. The tampering with evidence charge came earlier — that wasn’t this arrest, that was the earlier one in August before any talk of underage kids. So I’m still trying to find out what that was about.

  10. Actually, it is the same thing when you read the post in question and find out that every other story out there has already convicted the guy. Sometimes being fair is about correcting the record and presenting more of the story than that which is already out there. I’ll be writing much more about this, and when either side decides to release information either refuting or defending the charges, I’ll analyze those too.

  11. Galvan Galvan says:

    I used to date Terry. He has spent his whole life dedicated to helping others, especially gay people, and even drug addicts– anyone who has needed direction. It’s a shame he is being shown in this light. I hope the court rules in his favor. Xo

  12. SkippyFlipjack says:

    And that is why I’m withholding judgment until all the facts are in.

    I’m not familiar with any of the parties involved, but it seems that a post devoted entirely to digging up dirt on one party and supporting the other is not the same as withholding judgment pending all the facts.

  13. Butch1 says:

    It appears as though he got the “15 year old” to agree that he had sex with him as well. I wonder if that is where the “tampering with evidence” is coming from?

  14. Butch1 says:

    Most people can see through the guise of him being your “secretary.”

  15. The thing with the President was last year. The meth arrests are this year. Look at the photos of Kiah that I posted. He was stunning last Xmas. Then progressive fell apart this year. It’s possible Kiah wasn’t nearly as into meth, and other problems, when Terry met him, and it’s possible Kiah was but hid them well (he looked fine last year) and Terry had no idea until later. LIke you said, let’s wait for more evidence, but it’s just as likely Terry didn’t know the guys entire past when he started dating.

  16. lata ta birdofpeace says:

    John, Kiah is a jerk. However, why would Terry put himself at risk, put the president at risk by hanging around a jerk. Kiah was not his first boyfriend nor his last. Poor judgement? Obviously. Complicity, lets wait for more evidence, if it is ever forthcoming.

  17. Pete, we’re quite open to divergent views, and welcome that. We don’t however tolerate people who come here simply to launch personal attacks against others. If you have a factual concern with the article, please feel free to make it. If you disagree, that’s fine. But please don’t come here simply to disrupt the forum.

  18. Pete says:

    Don’t flatter yourself.

  19. It seems you either didn’t read my story, or it was so overwhelmingly convincing that you couldn’t refute it, and that’s the reason you have provided no argument contradicting anything I wrote. I don’t find credible the testimony of meth addicts with long rap sheets who beat their spouses so hard that blood splatters on the wall. You do. I find that odd.

  20. Pete says:

    I misread your post.

    But with the facts a little uncertain and seeing who has the upper hand, Fox News and definitely the Blaze may be withholding their fire.

    I have not read the whole story, but it is apparent here that Americablog is preparing an apoligia for their guy and trying to get him off scot free.

  21. Stacy Lynn Harp says:

    Yah, well we all know if it was someone on the right like Dr. Dobson or Brian Fischer who was busted doing this, it would be front page news for a month. Fox and the others are spiking this story. It’s that simple.

  22. Pete says:

    CNSNews is covering it.

    Don’t confuse that it hasn’t hit yet with it won’t hit. Sometimes news on the grapevine travels at a slightly different rate than you think.

  23. I don’t know.

  24. Stacy Lynn Harp says:

    LOL… well, you may be right, but I think the connection is a possibility. Why do you supposed Fox News hasn’t been all over this story?

  25. The porn story is actually a bit of an urban myth. Jason Linkins did a good job clearing things up.


    And while I’m not a great friend of the porn industry, I’m not sure what pornography has to do with allegedly secretly filming your house guests. Candid Camera has more to do with that than porn.

  26. Stacy Lynn Harp says:

    Here’s what I find interesting. First, Fox News and The Blaze haven’t said a word about this story. I find that odd, given they are supposedly more conservative outlets. Second, the police apparently have enough evidence to arrest Bean, and given that Bean is a guy with a lot of visibility and clout, all the way up to the Whitehouse, the police don’t want to arrest someone without said evidence. So, I think there’s something to it. Also, given Bean’s past being a top gay pornographer, it’s not a stretch to consider that he would actually tape his sexual encounters with the young men he’s have sex with. With that said, you raise some interesting questions about Kiah and his mother. It should be fun to see what happens.

  27. SkippyFlipjack says:

    After all, you might say, this story isn’t about Lawson, it’s about whether or not Terry Bean had relations with a 15-year-old. … But that allegation can’t be separated from the fact that Lawson is the one responsible for putting the police in touch with the teen; Lawson is the person responsible for Bean facing these charges.

    ..unless there winds up being some truth to the allegation, in which case I’d say Bean is the person responsible for his facing charges.

  28. scottrose says:

    But it speaks to my original point, that if domestic violence perpetrators are jailed, they can’t as easily return to victimizing.

    The only way to get laws for mandatory prison sentences for domestic violence offenders is for voters to demand them of their elected officials.

  29. Yep, I’d read that. As I said, there was so much to cover, and I didn’t want to get into too many extraneous details. Lawson’s arrest record, and the blood-splattered wall, speak for themselves. I figured it didn’t need much additional detail.

  30. scottrose says:

    Notice this:

    “On Feb. 15, Bean went to his Hayden Island condo and demanded that Lawson move out. The two men argued and police were called. An officer noticed a mark on Bean’s forehead, and Bean denied that Lawson caused it. But in a restraining-order petition he filed subsequently, Bean claimed Lawson had hit him.”


  31. twostepcub says:

    Sad to say, but totally agree. And honestly I think the “any man would be jealous” is kind of flip. If you are planning on a relationship with a guy with a recent criminal past like that because of his age and looks, karma will bite you in the butt pretty quickly.

  32. BeccaM says:

    Break-ups are often ugly. It’s worse when drug addiction is involved, and especially when it’s meth.

  33. SkippyFlipjack says:

    I think it’s more “That’s what you do when you’re 66 and are courting a 25-year-old.”

  34. I didn’t get into it in my story, because there was just so much background I couldn’t get into it all, and it wasn’t all relevant, but Bean apparently did a lot of things with the boyfriend’s mom. This seems to have gone far beyond “Pretty Woman” territory.

    This is from a seminal story about them earlier this year:

    Lawson and Bean’s romance had many of the trappings of a domestic relationship. Bean visited Lawson’s family in Junction City and took Lawson’s mother to a University of Oregon Ducks football game. Bean hosted Lawson’s family at his home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    “I really liked the guy,” says Lawson’s mother, Nouanemany Privatsky, 49. “I thought he was nice, caring, considerate.”


  35. That’s my sense as well. You fall in love with someone, you’re rich, they’re not, so you set them up with a condo and some money? Hell, I’d probably do that for my significant other too, were I to have one and were I rich. And yep, I think it’s easy to say “how could you stay with that creep,” but god how many friends have I had to say that to, who then stayed with the creep.

  36. Yeah, I was a bit creeped out by that too. He may have copped a plea, so they didn’t have to “waste” time prosecuting. Except by letting him off, if in fact they did let him off with a lesser charge, they permitted him to keep doing the rest of his arrests and more.

    You know, it’s funny, I keep finding myself having some lingering anti-gay bias in that I didn’t even think of it in terms of “domestic violence” terms. Had a man beating his girlfriend so badly that there was blood on the wall, one would hope he’d be in jail a long time. Then again, he might not be.

  37. BeccaM says:

    Well, love and infatuation make us do incredibly stupid things, and often to trust people who aren’t deserving of that trust. Chances are Bean thought he could ‘save’ Lawson by giving him a home and a generous living allowance. It is, unfortunately, a rather classic co-dependency behavior, to attempt to fix someone else who has drug or alcohol problems.

    Having had meth and coke addicts in my own family, I can say with a degree of certainty that their worldview changes, such that they are owed the means to support their addictions. And unfortunately, the co-dependents in their lives will often ignore, dismiss, or deny that’s what’s happening until the demands rise well beyond a level of tolerability.

    At that point, the rest of us are shaking our heads and asking, “Why did you keep supporting him even as he was stealing and selling off everything inside your house to support his habit?” We don’t get it because we’ve not gone down the same rabbit hole, where things no longer make objective sense anymore.

  38. emjayay says:

    Not just $1600/month but a free condo no doubt worth at least as much. A May-December romance I suppose is a possibility and maybe can have a Greek-like relationship with a master/pupil sort of aspect, like Isherwood and Bachardy (48 and around 16 when they met), but this sure sounds like something else.

    And I would be just as critical if it was a wealthy man and a young woman, although of course there is a cultural acceptance of that sort of thing I suppose even up to today to some lingering degree.

  39. Indigo says:

    Messy. Bad judgement. Uncool behavior. All too often, that’s amore!

  40. scottrose says:

    Readers should be shocked that for a domestic violence attack that involved destruction of property and spattering the victim’s blood on the walls, Lawson was convicted only of misdemeanor assault and did not serve any jail time.

    That is all too typical of what happens.

    Call your elected officials. Demand mandatory lengthy prison sentences for convicted domestic violence offenders. No plea bargains; no wrist slap penalties.

    No domestic violence criminal should be able to use a probationary sentence as cover for going on to abuse another victim. (Not that this has direct bearing on the case against Bean, but) had the abuser Lawson been in jail where he belonged, Bean wouldn’t have been involved with him.

  41. joshie says:

    Agreed. It’s not a crime to have bad judgement. But it also calls Bean’s credibility into question. The relationship sounds more like John-escort than boyfriends.

    Of course Bean is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately when it comes to crimes of this nature, emotion often trumps reason and even if not convicted, the taint may haunt him for the rest of his life.

  42. The_Fixer says:

    I agree, it was an astonishing lack of judgment, at least in retrospect.

    Bean may have actually loved him, saw that he had problems, and was trying to “fix” him. But, it’s clear that this was not to be, based on what John has uncovered so far.

    In short, all we know is that Lawson is a shady character, Bean paid him money and now Bean is being accused by a shady character of having sex with a 15 year-old.

    Beyond that, it’s too early to tell exactly what’s going on here.

  43. Sam_Handwich says:

    None of this excuses Bean’s astonishing lack of judgement. What was he paying Lawson $1,600/month for, other than the obvious?

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