The terrifying, tolerance-promoting “Beauty and the Beast” (fun video)

For any of you not familiar with Randy Rainbow, the guy is a one-man national treasure.

His videos are original, sassy and hysterical. And they’re always kinda gay.

Well, this time Randy has taken on the controversy over Disney’s new “Beauty and the Beast” having a kinda sorta gay character. (The character is gay, but from the reviews I’ve read, it such a minor part of the movie that you can almost miss it.)

beauty and the beast gay randy rainbow

Anyway, Randy did a great video about it, and got it published in the NYT, which is no small deal.

The video can’t be embedded, so go over to the NYT Web site and check it out. It’s quite the hoot. Enjoy.

I just found a few additional Randy Rainbow vids. Check em out. This first one is perhaps my favorite — it’s amazing:

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