Trump White House excludes gay spouse of Luxembourg PM from photo caption

The Trump White House this morning excluded Gauthier Destenay, the First Gentleman of Luxembourg from the photo caption of the group shot of NATO leaders’ spouses.

Destenay and his husband, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, are gay.

Destenay was the only official spouse to be excluded from the caption, while Melania Trump got mentioned twice. (The caption also, oddly, dates the photo as May 25, 2917).

Here’s the official White House photo caption:

As the Daily Beast notes, the White House also put the wrong name down for the wife of the President of France. Inexplicably, they put down her maiden name, Brigitte Trogneux. Her actually name is Brigitte Macron.

Some have already taken note of the missing gay:

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5 Responses to “Trump White House excludes gay spouse of Luxembourg PM from photo caption”

  1. dirkva says:

    Actually, the “first gentleman” of Luxembourg would be the Grand Duke, not the husband of his Prime Minister. But the White House’s offense stands.

  2. Brittannicus says:

    You don’t need to know about Luxembourg. You just need to know that “First” only applies to chiefs of state. Prime ministers are NEVER chiefs of state. They are merely heads of government.

  3. MerryMarjie says:

    Perhaps they don’t share your knowledge of protocol in Luxembourg.

  4. MerryMarjie says:

    The White House staff has been less than adequate from the start. Nobody knows anything about anything and thus, protocol, ethics and manners have been cast aside in the chaos. The galling thing is, they don’t care, they simply don’t care. I’m not sure this was a slight to the gay couple (though certainly it seems to be) as much as another fumbling mistake on the part of the administration.

  5. Brittannicus says:

    Interesting. However, Destenay is not the “first gentleman” of Luxembourg. Nor is he the “first spouse”. First means number one. The first gentleman of Luxembourg technically is HRH Henri, The Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The first lady is HRH Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. I don’t know why people never get this right.

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